iso for several tests different wim file for customization screens

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    iso for several tests different wim file for customization screens

    I am building a WIndows 10 setup USB, I would like to test them for screen customization. If I don't sysprep each one and build a wim file from it and create a ISO from it , then test each 5-10 times, build an iso and I retest each, with the same WIndows installation?
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    Forgive me if I'm simply being a little obtuse here but I'm having difficulty understanding what the question is. Could you possibly rephrase the question or provide some additional detail?

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    I have 2 windows 10 partitions . one for my work computer and on for my custom. In the custom machine I have all the software that came with my up laptop. Including drivers and various shareware programs and drivers. With this partition I would to build multiple wim files that use for testing . I have another partition for Windows 10 setup without wim files for customization and creating an iso. Now what to do is before I sysprep it create several win files. So I can edit the imageres.dll.mui with 1 edit then put file with one edit create a wim, put it in the Windows 10 setup partition where it belongs and build an i create a and an ISO off the Windows setup files drive.Build an ISO from that drive. How can I create a wim file from each edit and copy it to the the Windows setup files drive? Say I do ten edits on at a time singlely , then edit the imageres.dll.mui filers keeping a clean one and putting the custom on the disk. Can I build a wim file while without sysprepping it? Can house the the Windows on the second machine for this multiple times without having to reinstall Windows?
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    To save your current Windows into a WIM. You'd need to boot up WinPE then run from admin command:
    dism.exe /Capture-Image /ImageFile:E:\install.wim /CaptureDir:C:\ /Name:WIN10 /compress:Max

    E:\install.wim is where to save install.wim, C:\ is what to save from. Under WinPE, those drive letters might not be the same, you need to find out.

    Once done, Mount the one you want to work with, make changes then commit back to the wim file.

    NOTE: Playing with imageres.dll, will be overrided if there's a new update.
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    If I understand correctly, you basically want to create a WIM image. Then, you would like to create multiple variations of that WIM file with some modifications, for example, changing an "imageres.dll.mui". Does that sound about right?

    You can easily do this by following these steps.

    To start, make sure you have the ADK installed (only the deplotment tools option needs to be installed).

    Create 3 folders. In my sample commands below I am using these folders:


    If you use different locations, simply use those in the below examples in place of these sample names.

    Extract the contents of a Windows Image ISO D:\ISO_Files (again, you really only need the install.wim).

    Open the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment as admin from the ADK.

    Enter following command to check what editions are included in image:

    Dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:D:\ISO_Files\Sources\install.wim
    Note the index number of your selected edition. In this example we are using an index number of 6 which in this example is for Windows 10 Pro.

    NOTE: If you are working with a sysprep image, then there will be only one index available.

    Mount the image of your preferred Windows 10 edition using its index number, index 6 in this example:

    dism /mount-image /imagefile:D:\ISO_Files\sources\install.wim /index:6 /mountdir:D:\Mount
    This will extract the contents of the install.wim file to D:\Mount

    Now, make any changes you desire in the D:\Mount folder. You can alter or replace individual files here if you wish. When done, run this command to lock in the changes:

    DISM /Cleanup-Image /Image:"D:\Mount" /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase /ScratchDir:D:\Temp
    Finally, commit the changes using this command:

    Dism /Unmount-Image /MountDir:"D:\Mount" /Commit
    The install.wim in your ISO_Files has now been modified / updated. Now you can burn this back to an ISO image, DVD, or create a flash disk from it.

    I hope that this helps!
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    To start, make sure you have the ADK installed (only the deplotment tools option needs to be installed).
    Doesn't he already have dism on the system?

    I think the OP might want several images in the wim - each one slightly different.

    If so, a simple way is to use dism++

    iso for several tests different wim file for customization screens-incremental-save-1.jpg

    iso for several tests different wim file for customization screens-incremental-save-2.jpg
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    SIW2 said:
    Doesn't he already have dism on the system?
    Most likely, yes. But I've learned not to take things like that for granted. Best to include and be complete rather than to find out later that it wasn't there. It seems like every time I skip a step and assume that something is understood, it isn't
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    I do have the adk installed . I know that if do a sysprep you can't reboot into it . but I didn't know if you could reboot back into the Windows custom partition if I don't do a sysprep?
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    Normally, after you run sysprep, you would then boot from from some other media such as a rescue disk or a Windows installation media and then create an image (install.wim). The reason for this is that you want to capture the image before the OOBE (Out Of Box Experience) is run. If you were to boot that syspreped Windows then it would run OOBE and you would no longer be able to grab an image pre-OOBE.

    However, once you have that image, you can modify it as often as you want.

    As for what @SIW2 noted, if your goal is to create a WIM with multiple different images in it, that's super easy. If you need instructions, let me know. I have very detailed instructions for doing this. In fact, I wrote a program to automate all this for myself. I have a single ISO image that has 26 editions of Windows 10 on it (both x86 and x64) including multiple different sysprep images that I was able to create in a matter of minutes.


    Sorry, hit reply too quickly. To answer the one question, if you don't run sysprep and you are still in audit mode, you can reboot as often as you want. After rebooting, when the sysprep dialog opens, simply click on Cancel. Point is that you can reboot as often as you like so long as you don't sysprep it.
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