Windows 10 Free Upgrade DESTROYED my brand new Notebook PC

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    Windows 10 Free Upgrade DESTROYED my brand new Notebook PC

    Last Friday, I received my alert about my Notebook PC (previously running Windows 8.1, that I just purchased in November and had yet to actually use much because it was bought to be a school-PC for me to use for college) was ready to upgrade for free to Windows 10. I followed the command prompts and by the time I had to go out on Friday afternoon - my installation was 12% complete (my dad too did the installation on his PC and it went smoothly and was already fully upgraded at this point). I came home a few hours later and my PC was rebooting on a loop. It would show the ASUS screen, flicker through another screen, turn a lighter shade of black, state that it was restoring my previous version of windows, shut down completely and then the whole process would repeat again. I left it alone Friday and Saturday and finally called Windows today when it was still repeating on a loop. Windows support tried to help but I was unable to access safe mode. I didn't feel secure with trying to fix the OS myself so my dad took it into Staples. Staples told my father that the Windows 10 "upgrade" completely destroyed my computer. It no longer has an OS at all. It's just an empty box.

    Staples reminded us that we had purchased extended warranty and said that the warranty people would send us a coupon to come back and get a free replacement from the store if we called them. My dad spoke with the warranty people and was told that they do NOT cover issues like this at all. So not only is my Notebook PC completely destroyed and an "empty box" as Staples said, but I also can't have it replaced because the extended warranty that we paid for apparently doesn't cover it.

    UNSATISFIED!!!! Thanks a lot Windows 10.
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    Send your destroyed computer to me, I'll "dispose" of it properly for you! I'll bet you didn't create the ASUS restore media from the factory installed OS, did you? There are plenty of ways to install an OS on the computer.

    Call ASUS and beg them to send you the factory restore media for the computer and they might do so for free - otherwise you will have to buy it because you did not make it from the factory installed OS before trying to upgrade.

    Someone that knows what they are doing could have that computer up and running on an OEM version of the Windows that it came with in about 2 hours.
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    Actually, Yes. I did have a backup. Staples tried to use it and it would simply keep saying to insert external memory despite the external memory with the backup already being inserted. (There is no disc drive on this Notebook PC so it had to be either flash drive or SD memory card used to create the backup) Thanks for your arrogance, though.
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    Download a Windows 8.1 ISO, create a install flash drive and install Windows 8.1.

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

    How to Do a Clean Install of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

    Before you do the install, please do the following.

    Download the 8.1 ISO.
    Create the flash drive using Rufus, for UEFI/GPT, not BIOS/MBR.
    Boot the flash drive by pressing whatever Fn key bring up the one time boot menu, maybe F12.
    On the 2nd install screen, choose Repair your computer.

    Windows 10 Free Upgrade DESTROYED my brand new Notebook PC-repcomp.jpg

    Click on Advanced Options.
    Click on Command Prompt.

    Enter diskpart
    Enter list disk

    Post output from that command here please.

    I really doubt your computer is empty. I believe the recovery partition is still there and you should be able to press a Fn key at boot to start the Recovery Process to restore the computer to it's factory new state.

    What is the full model number of the computer? The online Users Guide should explain how to trigger the recovery process.

    If it doesn't work then a clean install of 8.1 as I listed earlier should do it for you.
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    As I said - That step was already tried with assistance from Staples AND ASUS themselves. Both have confirmed that Windows 10 turned my Notebook into an "empty box"
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    Sell me the empty box that way we all win ($ 100. plus shipping okay) ?
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    Unsatisfied said:
    As I said - That step was already tried with assistance from Staples AND ASUS themselves. Both have confirmed that Windows 10 turned my Notebook into an "empty box"
    I firmly believe that the notebook can be fixed. What model is it??
    Heck I would buy it from you if I had the cash now.
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    Almost all issues I have seen with bad upgrades have been due to people not doing proper maintenance of their PC prior to the upgrade. Usually its cross linked files because the system has not had chkdsk run on the system probably ever. Or they have not done sfc /scannow to check and fix system files prior to the upgrade or probably ever. In your case just as the others have said just burn or create a usb with Windows 8.1 using the media tool for that, upgrade to Windows 10 after 8.1 is installed by using that media creations tool for Windows 10. At that point you start reinstalling apps. Everything should be good at that point.
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    BunnyJ - Model is X205TA-BING-FD0158
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    Mansome - It was confirmed by both ASUS and Staples that this was not an operator issue and was in fact caused by the upgrade. I performed my father's upgrade on his laptop and it worked flawlessly. Repeated the same on my own and I now have a destroyed PC that Staples said has literally NO OS at all and is an "empty box"
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