When I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7,
it worked fine for the next few hours then
i couldnt acess the log in screen
it was just stuck on the slider and then it flickers.

tried to trouble shoot, system restore, clean installed
(using the restart 3 time to trigger system diagnose screen)
tried to use the usb media tool but i t didnt work
it still asked for the usb boot device or disk despite it running that error on the usb
(i used the x64 bit boot installer from windows from another computer,
after i tried to boot the USB on pc, the. i tried it on the laptop after,
it says that there's an error with the autorun.dll error 0xc1 error
and 0xc000012f error

now when I try to load windows on pc it just says
"your pc failed to start, we'll restart for you " screen
then it just loops from there.

help please and thank you uvu
i'll love you forever