hey guys i found my problem. i thought i was having a infinite boot loop. I'll give some background to the scenario.

#1 Upgraded from Win 7 Ultimate to Win 10Pro(64)

#2 Installed fine, but borked all installed games on steam, couldnt load a single one. A laundry list of things i tried, I wont bother posting because of step 3

#3 As all the problems mounted, I then decided to go with a clean full install. Best new OS install route anyways. OS on SSD, all other things on secondary 2gb drive, no worries there, makes things easier.

#4 Installed from USB 3.0 stick formatted FAT32 from Media Creator 64 from Micro$haft

#5 Install fine, made some changes so of course have to restart PC.

#6 Bam there it is, I see the Win logo, screen blanks, keyboard flashes. Appears to have rebooted, thought ok it just needed more time. Nothing.............nada. I do see the mouse cursor. Weird. Gave up. Formatted again 3 times and same things occur, oh crap infinite loop again.

#7 I have an idea. Well if i can see my mouse cursor, then perhaps the desktop IS there. I do afterall have the pc hooked to my pc monitor as well as the Sony HDTV. Well so just for kicks I move my mouse cursor off of the left side of the screen to the bottom. I hold the button and push up. Just the same way as if im swiping the swipe screen up. Then I type out my login pass just as if it was on screen. All of a sudden i see my taskbar appear. I then right click desktop to get nvidia display info. Apparently windows has this defaulted to span 2 screens, with the tv as the primary for some reason. Turn tv on and there I see the nvidia options. So I switch it to 1 display(pc primary) and all is good.

#8 Sorry to make this long winded, but i thought you may have pulled your hair like I have been doing for 2 days now.

#9 So to make it short, try the OTHER monitor or tv ON that you may have hooked. It might be as simple as mine simply displaying on another display. Good Luck to you. I hope this post helps even 1 person find peace with this aggravating stuff. Please share your thoughts if it helped you. Cheers.