failed during clean install Error Code 0x8007025D

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  1.    06 Aug 2016 #21

    afsanchez001 said: View Post
    I believe I have solved the problem. I attempted a fresh installation of Windows 10 on to my brand new "OCZ Trion 150 480 GB SSD". This resulted in the error, "Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all the files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error Code: 0x8007025D".

    After reading many FORUMS, this one included and trying all the various suggestions, nothing worked!

    I borrowed my son's Kingston Hyper X 250 (125 GB SSD), and ran a successful installation with no errors. This PROVED that my installation media which I created using Microsoft's media creation tool was just FINE. It also proved that nothing was wrong with my hardware. I suspected that maybe it was a bad SSD that I had. So I went out and bought a brand new "Corsair Force LE 480GB SSD". I ran an installation, this resulted in the error, "Windows cannot install required files. Make sure all the files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error Code: 0x8007025D".

    So could I possibly have TWO BAD SSD units? No, not at all... I remembered that my son's SSD was a small volume 125GB drive. So on a hunch I did the following:

    • So I placed my SSD (Corsair) in an external enclosure, connected it to my laptop, formatted (not Quick Format, but Full Format).
    • I then created two partitions, Vol1 (125GB - primary) and Vol2 (355GB).
    • I then opened DISKPART and did a CLEAN and then I CONVERTED the volume to MBR from GPT.
    • Next I mounted the SSD back in to my PC.
    • I Reset my BIOS to Factory Defaults just to be safe.
    • I Ran the installation on the 125GB partition.
    • WINDOWS 10 installed just fine.

    So this means that neither of my SSDs were bad, it means Windows 10 FREAKS OUT when installing fresh on large volume SSDs. Possibly anything over 250 GB.

    Good luck!

    FYI... How to do DISKPART

    1. Type Diskpart, press Enter
    2. Type List Disk , press Enter
    3. Type Select Disk # (where # is the number your drive shows up as), press Enter
    4. Type Clean, press Enter
    5. Type Convert MBR, press Enter
    6. Type Exit, press Enter.
    Just installed it on a 500GB Sandisk SSD and a 1TB Evo SSD so not a large SSD problem.
    Still who knows what really fixed your problem since Win10 is still as buggy as any Windows OS I've used before since Win 9.x
    I got this particular
    • Error Code 0x8007025D

    when having a USB stick plugged in. So guess there's still a use for the good old DVD drive since I had to use that to do a successfull clean install. No matter what USB port or USB stick I tried Win 10 installer didn't like it. I figured as much because always had problems with earlier versions of Windows too so learned early on to disconnect all external devices except keyboard and mouse during install.

    Don't know why I torture myself with Win10 when Win7 had no problems installing to same drive/setup. This is my second time installing Win10 on this rig since first time I did it with all my other 6 internal drives disconnected for cleanest install and after I had it up and running reconnected all the rest of the drives and of course Win 10 refused to boot giving inaccesible boot device cuz it got confused with all the new drives and I tried to fix it using bcdedit, bcdboot, etc and none of it worked so 2nd time I installed Win10 I did it with all my 6 drives installed and just wiped the original 500GB SSD clean and that's when I got error mentioned here.
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  2.    20 Aug 2016 #22

    RAM solution worked

    Starlord said: View Post
    This looks strange but I had the same problem and saw on an other forum to replace the RAM stick. I was unsure but at last it worked for me.
    Thank you for the tip. Installed smoothly right after I replaced one of the RAM sticks. Unreal.
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  3.    20 Aug 2016 #23

    kjh916 said: View Post
    Thank you for the tip. Installed smoothly right after I replaced one of the RAM sticks. Unreal.
    Not really, ever since Win7 it's been pretty picky about memory. I remember reading somewhere on Microsoft website a while back they did this on purpose because they'd rather have your machine crash or not install at all if it detects bad RAM.
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  4. Posts : 1
    Windows 7 64-bit
       26 Sep 2016 #24

    It was the RAM for me...

    kjh916 said: View Post
    Thank you for the tip. Installed smoothly right after I replaced one of the RAM sticks. Unreal.
    Same here... it's the RAM. If there are hardware issues, run RAM test first using Memtest86... with both 4GB sticks in, it popped up errors galore... took one out and went away... put a different 4GB stick in and no errors... after that, Windows install smooth as butter.

    Noticed it MANY times... if Windows 7+ fails to install, it's hardware issues... so you have to run some tests for them. Usually it's hardware faults that cause it to not install.
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  5.    06 Oct 2016 #25

    Ok, for everyone here, no offense, just saying. Don't say that it's definitely RAM or size or anything, just because it can be anything from hardware failure to stars position.

    For me it was too large disk partition.
    I did everything that came to my mind after I got this error.
    First I tried with one RAM stick - Nothing
    Tried another HDD - Nothing
    Re-flashed the memory card that I used - Nothing
    Changed all my sata cables (PSU and data) - Nothing
    Then I came here to read that thread and saw @afsanchez001 's post about disk size.
    Went back to installation, made 125Gb sized partition to my disk. Vo'ila, installation ran through succesfully without any issues.

    If I may suggest something for OP or moderators, that would be pinning possible solutions to first post, just because this thread is first that comes up when searching that error from google. I would personally start with that disk partition solution.

    Like that:

    Possible solutions for error code 0x8007025D:

    1: Make sure you have made disk partition for OS during install you can do that either before install in disk management or during the install in screen where you can see your storage drive devices.
    Make the primary drive that big that you cannot run into running out of space problems, but I personally don't recommend using more that 150Gb (if 150Gb is too much, try 125Gb). MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE "PRIMARY" AND "SECONDARY" partition before proceeding to install.

    2. Make sure you don't have any hardware failures.
    Make sure that your storage device is not faulty
    Try switching RAM sticks to different DIMM's or launching with only 1 RAM-stick.
    Keep only that drive connected where you are about to install OS. That prevents wrong files to end up to wrong places.


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  6.    09 Oct 2016 #26

    Hello everyone,

    I've signed up to this forum just to tell you I've found a very curious way to finish the setup process. First about my environment:

    I've tried to install Windows 10 (version 1607, build 14393) on a Intel NUC with a 128 GB SSD. The SSD was completely blank. I created an installation medium using the official Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. I've used a 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive from Transcend.
    When I tried to install Windows from that flash drive on my blank NUC it failed with the error 0x8007025d. I've checked my RAM, replaced it with another one. Still same problem.

    Now my idea was to see what happens if I try to boot up my computer normally by removing the flash drive. Well, the setup continued at the point where it asks which settings it should use (express or custom settings). About two minutes later I saw the Windows Desktop. YAY!

    I still have no idea what the problem really was but I think the setup process from the flash drive has problems to read the data from the SSD. But since the setup process already copied it to the SSD you can directly run it by booting from there.

    Hope this helps at least some of you.
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  7. Ztruker's Avatar
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       09 Oct 2016 #27

    Do you have any USB 2 ports? If so, maybe using one of them would make a difference. It has for others.
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  8.    10 Oct 2016 #28

    No, I only have USB 3.0 ports. But I also don't want to test it, now that it works. It's my productive system.

    But interesting that this can make a difference too.
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  9. Ztruker's Avatar
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       10 Oct 2016 #29

    Okay, good luck.
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  10.    16 Aug 2017 #30

    Necro post, I know, sorry
    I had this same error. SSD
    Tried the usual, RAM, partition, media, etc.

    My problem:
    Secondary storage drive (regular HDD SATA 2TB internal drive)

    Once disconnected from the board install went fine, this was after numerous failures. I had no reason to believe there were any issues with the data drive however it is quite old...
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