Kernel Mode Heap Corruption, Verson 1903 Install Solved

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    Kernel Mode Heap Corruption, Verson 1903 Install (Solved)

    Posting here as a guess it is the proper location. I have tried installing Version 1903 to upgrade from 1809 three times on my wife's computer, using the Update Assistant, the ISO, and the Windows Update supplied link. Today, after approximately 4:30, with the last data I saw for the install, was that it was at 84%. The next thing I saw, once again, was the BSOD; at least this time, I actually saw, and wrote down the error code before shutting down and restarting the machine.

    The code is "Kernel Mode Heap Corruption," which has no meaning to me. I did do a Google search; most of the replies were from Microsoft Community, and seemed to me to be irrelevant to my situation. One site did suggest looking for an updated video driver; that returned the statement that the installed driver is the best one for the system. Other suggestions were to run a hardware check and/or supply a mini dump.

    I don't know what I should use to do a hardware check, nor do I know if anyone here would be willing to analyze a mini dump, assuming that that might be useful. Another suggestion was to run Windows Update, to see if that would find a new video driver; I doubted that it would, but what it did do, very quickly, was to again download the 1903 update.

    By now, any reader of this must have concluded that I have not the slightest idea as to what the problem(s) is/are, nor how to find out that information and thereby allow 1903 to install. Thus, this request for assistance to cure both my wife's computer and if possible my befuddlement.
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    I am going to mark this as solved, as apparently it has been. After six failed installs, I contacted MS yesterday, and was quickly called; after a short explanation of the problem, I was turned over to technical support.

    The agent was very patient and took a great deal of time to assist me. I am not sure that he ever actually knew what the root cause was, as he asked me more than once what the BSOD error code said, and so forth. His final step was to change to a selective startup, with a number of services disabled.

    After the restart, it was found that I could not connect to the Internet, so he asked me to re-enable all Intel services, and restart again; that restored the on-line connection. After a short while, he asked if I still had the ISO creator;; as I did, he asked me to run it and see what the result was.

    The process was very slow, starting with my having only a 20Mbps DSL ine, running at 18.x Mbps, and further slowed by the computer in question being somewhat old and, by today's standards, slow. After several hours, I was pleased to log on to Windows 10 Home, Version 1903.

    Once that was ready, I restored all services; perhaps I should have made a note of which ones were disabled, but that did not occur to me until later. I also checked to see if any KBs had also been installed as part of the ISO process; they had been.

    The only other thing of which I am aware that might have had a bearing on the 1903 install was that Clean Master had run before I contacted MS, and deleted a vastly larger number of files than I can remember it ever having done. I have no way of knowing if this did affect the install.

    I can now only hope that, whatever the problem was that caused so many failed attempts to install 1903 has been fixed.
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    Hi There, My name is Matthew. More than likely your computer throwing the error has an Nvidia graphics card driver that is causing the issue with updating windows. I always tell people the best way to upgrading Windows 10 (without error shenanigans) is to download the Media Creation Tool, create a USB boot device, then whenever setup prompts you to install windows on a drive, delete every single partition on the drive that windows was installed on, then continue on. This step in my opinion is the most overlooked step in "upgrading" windows because most of the time, people have programs and drivers installed that are not compatible with the newer version of Windows 10, which will cause numerous around-in-circle errors. If windows installs correctly, I strongly suggest you go to Nvidia's website and look for an updated driver for your system. This fixed my problem too as I had a kernel error on my computer as well.

    On a side note: More than likely that guy you contacted from Microsoft didn't know anything which does not surprise me. Microsoft tech support and ESPECIALLY Community forums are COMPLETELY useless in my experience. If you run into this problem again, please post back. I would be more than happy to help. Thanks, Matthew :)
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    Matthew, thanks for offering to assist.


    1. Only video driver is Intel HD 400; the Device Manager search stated that is the best driver for my card.

    2. I disagree that the MS tech did not know anything. While it is possible, as I stated in my second post in this thread that it was the removal of GBs of files that led to the install of 1903, it may instead have been entirely the tech's setting up the Selective Boot before I ran the seventh and final attempt to install 1903. I must put it that way, as, after six failed attempts, I was not willing to try a seventh after the Clean Master massive file removal process before contacting MS; thus, I will never know which of the two things that changed what I had `pre-seven', was the proximate cause of the successful install of 1903.

    Those items stated, I agree fully with your comment about MS Community Forums: In the early days of Windows 10, I asked for assistance there. More than once, a MS employee asked for further information which I supplied, only to never hear again from the MS person; I never understood why this was so, but I noticed that I was far from the only person asking for help in the community forums to encounter the same useless exchange.
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