Hi guys!

As the topic says, there was a Power Outage while I was busy installing Windows 10.

I'm from South Africa, we have something called "LoadShedding". Where the goverment randomly switch the power off of a certain area, due to the fact that they own the company, who provides the electricity, million of not billions.

I upgrade was running and was at about 77% when the power went out. So I got the power back on with our generator.
On startup, it displayed the Windows 10 load screen, but without the blue Windows logo, just the loading disc at the bottom middle of the screen.

It was loading for about 10 - 15minutes, then jumped over to the Windows 7 loading, and started up Windows 7 as it is the OS I'm upgrading from.

Came to the desktop and all of the sudden my Windows copy was not genuine, and the "Get Windows 10" app is gone.

I did go to How to Upgrade to Windows 10 and there it says you must have an activated version of Windows 7 or 8.

Any solutions?