After a succesfull upgrade from WIN7 to WIN10 on my Laptop, I now try to
install WIN10 on a Desktop Pc and that causes me a problem.

When I upgraded the Laptop from WIN7 to WIN10, all my applications and settings
were kept during the upgrading process and 2 hours after I started the upgrade,
the laptop was working as usual (but on WIN10 now)

However, when I try to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, I am not able to keep all programs and settings.
I am only given the option to do a clean install, where afterwards I will have to re-install, setup
and customize all my applications.

For both upgrades I used the same 4GB USB stick that contains the bootable WIN10 installation files.
This USB stick was created with the Media Creation Tool.

Here is what I did.

- Boot from the WIN10 bootable USB stick

- Then (after a while) the panel with the 3 questions shows up
* Language to install: HERE I CAN ONLY SELECT "English (United States)
As this suits me fine, I keep this selection

* Time and Currency format: Here I get plenty of options
I selected "Dutch"

* Keyboard or Input method: Here I get plenty of options
I selected "Dutch"

- After a while the system asks me: Do you want "Upgrade" or "Clean Install"
I selected: "Upgrade"

- When the system tells me to Reboot normal Windows (WIN7), I did and
rebooted the Normal WIN7 Operating System.

- While running this Windows 7, I ran setup.exe from the WIN10 USB stick

- In the Next panel, I selected: "Download and Install Updates"

At the Next panel, the problem arises:

- The next panel shows 3 options, of which unfortunately the

* Keep personal files and apps
You will be able to manage your Windows settings

* Keep personal files only
Your setting and Apps will be deleted but your files will be kept

* Nothing
Everything will be deleted including files, apps and settings

The screen gives an explanation, but unfortunately, it doesn't make sense:

The explanation is: You can't keep Windows settings, personal files, and apps
because you've chosen to install Windows10 using a different
language than you are currently using.

The explanation is complete crap, because at the very first question that was asked,
I was not given another option than English (United States)

Note: The very initial installation language on the existing WIN7 system was Dutch,
but that was later changed into English with a program program called "Vistalizator"

I ran Vistalizator again, to go back to Dutch again on the WIN7 system, but still
the WIN10 upgrade does not give me any other option than English (United States)

Here I am stuck: I want to keep my settings and I don't want to spend
3 days on installing again my email, compilers and all the other useful
programs that I use every day.

Hope someone can shine some light on this problem.