Good to see I'm not alone with Windows 10 issues!
I have the "Get Windows 10" app but this is what I get when clicking on the Win 10 app in tray:
(After scanning the computer it then says:)
"this PC cannot run Windows 10"
I think the app has a bug and just NOT recognizing the the Intel P4 HT CPU.
Obviously when comparing my computer to the "Windows 10 HOME - 32bit requirements it
far EXCEEDS those requirements" plus I've read where others with 1-2 year old computers are getting same message!

I'd like to download Windows 10 Home 32bit (not 64 bit) however if I can't get passed the FREE app in the tray....maybe its a definite warning sign! If so....I'll stick with Win 7, its been flawless!
Any help tips, shortcuts, work around, opinion or advice would be deeply appreciated!
If more info is needed do not hesitate to ask!
PLEASE feel free to email me direct, post here or send me notification of a response!

Thank You,

My computer- DELL Optiplex GX620
>OS - Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (both 32/64bit) With all completed updates
>Processor- Intel Pentium 4 HT - 2.80 GHz
>Memory (RAM) - 4.00gb
>Graphics -ATI RADEON HD 2400 PRO
>Gaming Graphics - 1791mb - total Reserve
>Primary HD - WD 1 TB (865 GB FREE)
> Direct X version 10
> Primary Monitor Resolution 1280 x 1024

MS Windows 10 - 32 bit requirements:
>1GHz or faster
> Memory (RAM) - 1 GB for 32bit........2 GB for 64bit
> Graphics - Direct X 9 or Later
> Display Minimum - 800 x 600