What is the advantage of reserving win10?

I did this the first moment it was possible.
About a month later I eventually did it to my other four machines.

The last machine I reserved it on was my laptop.

The first machine to say it was ready to install was the laptop.

I made three attempts at installing from the reserved copy that had been downloaded after noticing
three or four failed attempts. One of the error messages said corrupted download.

The next two attempts I used the downloaded USB version.

It too did not work for various reasons.

Isn't this reserve your copy now business just a come-on to advertise and create anticipation for win10?

What could be the advantage of having some 3-5 GB file being downloaded in the background when you can
do it manually now?

Granted the laptop I was trying to install it on is relatively old but totally up to specs.
I checked each error message of each bad attempt and tried the suggested solutions.

The whole process made me realize, why am I going this to an old perfect working machine?

My first experience with Win10 has not been good, and I will wait until the dust clears to do more

Luckily, this forum clearly shows how to remove the get your copy icon, and the KB3035583.

So the other four computer and the laptop will not constantly nag me to upgrade.