Hey guys, I just wanted to share my solution to a problem I had, just in case somebody else had the same as I couldn't find this solution anywhere.

So, the problem was, I downloaded the media creation tool and selected the upgrade only option. It all downloaded fine and dandy, laptop restarted, nothing happened. (Just for the mention, I successfully clean installed W10 via USB, but I had problems with the activation so I had to revert to windows 8).

After lots of head scratching, the problem lied in the boot order. A while ago I had installed Linux, which involved me needing to change the boot order.

The reason windows 10 wouldn't boot, was because Windows boot manger had been moved back to the bottom. I still had it ordered USB, Hard drive and THEN Windows boot manager.

So I've reset all the bios settings back to default, which has moved Windows boot manager back to the top, and I'm giving it another try. So I haven't tested yet, but I'm pretty damn sure that's what my problem was.

I hope this helps somebody. It was driving me nuts!!