Hi all,
If you're here you are probably having the issue i had, and have had for about 3 days now. I was able to fix it myself and i would like to explain everything, because there was not a lot of useful information online for this.

So during my windows 10 installation, at around 72% my pc would restart as intended, but when it would boot back up i would be either stuck with a black screen with no cursor OR the installation would complete and i would be stuck with a black screen with my cursor.

Here's how i fixed my issue.

Black screen with no cursor fix:
So your installation went wrong. Well here's what to do.

First off, what i did was pull the plug on my PC after i realized my black screen wasn't gonna fix itself, in doing this it interrupted the download and reverted me back to windows7 which is what you need to do. If your PC didnt revert itself back to windows7 (or 8-8.1) try to boot it in safe mode and trouble shoot issues, eventually it will roll you back to your previous OS.

Once you are at your previous OS, turn your computer off and then plug your monitor into your motherboards HDMI input. then turn your PC on.

Once at your desktop, uninstall your graphics drivers and then proceed to reinstall windows10. You won't black screen this time around since you are using your motherboard (there is a spot during the installation where your screen will turn black for about a minute but the install will continue, just give it time)

Windows 10 should boot up (most likely not in your native resolution) before anything, press the windows home button on the bottom left and press settings. Then press update and security. Then check for updates.
After the updates install, re-download GForce Experience and install the latest drivers.

Should be good to go!


If you're having display issues still after all your drivers are updated -
right click your desktop, press display settings.

If you have 1 monitor plugged in and it says 1|2. You need to plug in a second monitor or use a TV and make windows 10 recognize your monitor is your main screen.

This is a little unpredictable, so sorry if this part is vague, i fixed it using a TV and fiddling with the "show only 1" option.

Should be great after that! Welcome to Windows 10!

Black screen with cursor fix:

So at this point what this means is you're physically at your desktop. but you just can't see it. Sooooo.. this kinda repeats the "BUT" step above.

You need to plug in a second monitor, hold the windows key on your keyboard down and press P, then press the down arrows DOWN twice and hit enter.

Here is a tutorial: https://youtu.be/bAQ-m9x-pQY?t=39s

hope this helps!