Windows 10: Advice for a Windows 10 clean install

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       04 Aug 2015 #21

    You will get four partitions if you use UEFI/GPT on a 64 bit system.
    You get two partitions on a BIOS/MBR system, 32 or 64 bit.
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       04 Aug 2015 #22

    I got the two partitions, but supposedly my laptop supports UEFI ..... Maybe there was something I was supposed to do that I did not.

    HP dv6 6091nr
    2nd Gen i7-2630QM 64-bit

    I cannot say the exact mother board, but there is a BIOS and it supposedly supports UEFI
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       04 Aug 2015 #23

    Supports UEFI is not the same as being in UEFI mode. Check BIOS setup.
    As for GPT or MBR:

    You can use diskpart's detail volume for this info.
    Open a Elevated Command Prompt.
    Enter diskpart
    list disk
    sel disk #   (# is the number of the disk you are interested in)
    list vol
    sel vol #    (# is the number of the volume you are interested in)
    detail vol
    Looks like this:
    Microsoft DiskPart version 6.3.9600
    Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Microsoft Corporation.
    On computer: DESKTOP
    DISKPART> list disk
      Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
      --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
      Disk 0    Online          232 GB      0 B        *
      Disk 1    Online         1863 GB  1024 KB        *
      Disk 2    Online         1397 GB  1024 KB
      Disk 3    No Media           0 B      0 B
    DISKPART> sel disk 0
    Disk 0 is now the selected disk.
    DISKPART> list vol
      Volume ###  Ltr  Label        Fs     Type        Size     Status     Info
      ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
      Volume 0     K                       DVD-ROM         0 B  No Media
      Volume 1     C   Lenovo_C     NTFS   Partition    206 GB  Healthy    Boot
      Volume 2         WINRE_DRV    NTFS   Partition   1000 MB  Healthy    Hidden
      Volume 3         SYSTEM_DRV   FAT32  Partition    260 MB  Healthy    System
      Volume 4                      NTFS   Partition    450 MB  Healthy    Hidden
      Volume 5         PBR_DRV      NTFS   Partition     24 GB  Healthy    Hidden
      Volume 6     D   Lenovo_D     NTFS   Partition    732 GB  Healthy
      Volume 7     E   Lenovo_E     NTFS   Partition    732 GB  Healthy
      Volume 8     F   Lenovo_F     NTFS   Partition    398 GB  Healthy
      Volume 9     G   Lenovo_G     NTFS   Partition    698 GB  Healthy
      Volume 10    H   Lenovo_H     NTFS   Partition    698 GB  Healthy    Pagefile
      Volume 11    I                       Removable       0 B  No Media
    DISKPART> sel vol 1
    Volume 1 is the selected volume.
    DISKPART> detail vol
      Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
      --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
    * Disk 0    Online          232 GB      0 B        *
    Read-only              : No
    Hidden                 : No
    No Default Drive Letter: No
    Shadow Copy            : No
    Offline                : No
    BitLocker Encrypted    : No
    Installable            : Yes
    Volume Capacity        :  206 GB
    Volume Free Space      :  146 GB
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    spmcd said: View Post
    I got the two partitions, but supposedly my laptop supports UEFI ..... Maybe there was something I was supposed to do that I did not. HP dv6 6091nr 2nd Gen i7-2630QM 64-bit I cannot say the exact mother board, but there is a BIOS and it supposedly supports UEFI
    I don't have a UEFI system, but I think 2 of the 4 partitions are hidden, so you'd normally only see 2. Yes, avoid dynamic partitions and just use a single large partition for data on the HDD unless you have a peculiar situation.
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    Sure enough, it is not UEFI.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Untitled.png 
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    Is there some way I can make it UEFI?

    Should I?


    UPDATE: I think I will just stick with the setup I have. I think that I had originally made the HDD dynamic thinking that I was limited to 4 partitions for the system instead of per disk. No way I will need more than 4 Primary partitions per disk.

    Thank you to everyone for your help!
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    BIOS/MBR is okay, works fine. I don't see any advantage to you converting to UEFI/GPT.
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       05 Aug 2015 #27

    I've been running with four drives each seeing either the OS primary or data primary type all along while you will expect to see the OEM system reserved or recovery partitions there since originally Windows came preinstalled. As for the partitions you will plainly see while in the Disk Management where you will want to go later for assigning the preferred drive letter per volume.

    Now for presinstalled Windows you would expect the manufacturer to have those small partitions in case of the need to recover the OS or to add/subject apps that came preinstalled or remain options for the version being upgraded over. Those generally don't take up much drive space since everything is compressed down is size to be compact. When not planning to go back to the previous version on the same drive at least you can dump those to free up more space.

    The 10 installer on the other hand will set things up automatically seeing the Basic Primary type OS partition with an MBR by default even when replacing the upgraded Windows with a nice fresh install of 10. It makes real sense to see only one main OS primary on the sssd while you can create a few folders to store things or one main folder with severral subs! Even with 10 I plan a storage/backup folder for various things to keep like 3rd party updates for device drivers video, sound, WiFi or Lan depending on how you connect, and other miscellaneous things like 3rd party apps and OS tweaks that will eventually come out for 10. Every version since Legacy for desktops that is has always seen something along those lines!

    That type of saves the need for plugging in removable media constantly for anything you would be using frequently. You can also store photos you take and upload, small video and mp3 files, wallpapers and themes if you get into customizing the appearance of things, etc. For the second being designated for storage only you the option of one large to two once being a place to stash full system image backups which on a laptop with a fresh install of everything should be about 35-50gb depending on how much goes on. A factory image made of a 32bit 7 Home Premium laptop which would likely just a little but not much smaller then the 10 Home edition clean install where you would expect the 30gb image of 7 to climb up no more then 33-35gb for 10 if so.(have to find out some time when getting to upgrade a 7 Home Premium desktop for someone or 8 Home on a laptop)

    For the 64bit expect that installation to start off larger like 35-36gb for 10 and once apps are loaded on plan on a good 40-55gb once again depending on how much goes on which usually isn't as much on a laptop unless into a gaming model and OS tweaking and the whole ball of wax in that direction or simply just love to keep installing things?! The second partition for system images wouldn't have to take up half of the 1tb drive but stored in a 250-300gb partition where you can also stash some other important things preventing them from being lost on the larger first partition or on the ssd even. Here with a desktop I went with capacity on each drive using the second storage for images at first and then temp storage of those on the second OS drive until now where once again I have a two OS system. I'll be replacing the two storage drives mentioned earlier with a 2tb commercial heavy duty drive since I never set the drives to spin down after 20minute having the system running 24/7. Large constrast from what would be recommended for you there on a laptop where things need to be planned out to be more efficient. Nothing wrong with that! :)
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