Want to reinstall into smaller partition

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    Want to reinstall into smaller partition

    Dell XPS i7 16GB, 1TB HDD

    I have been trying (for way too many hours now) to shrink the existing OS partition to approx 100GB (more on this later) and have decided to stop beating my head against a wall. No matter what options I choose, it just will not shrink to less than 600+GB.

    So I now want to reinstall Win 10 on my HDD, put the OS in one partition, and use the balance for win data files and linux data files (each of these two in their own partitions). Linux will be on a separate SSD and I want to dual boot.

    When I do a clean reinstall, will I have an option in that process to make a partition for Win 10 OS (and the two data partitions), or should I reformat the HDD and make the three partitions first and install into one of them (presumably the first?)? If the latter, what software is best for this partitioning?

    I do not plan to use Win 10 much but want to keep it alive and there for when I do want it. Given that the Win OS and Win data will reside on two different partitions, how much room do I need for the OS?

    any other observations/guidance welcomed.
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    Post a screen capture of your current Disk Management with all areas expanded so we can see everything. Full screen is the best way to go. See this tutorial: Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of. Make sure you expand the fields as shown so all data can be seen.

    There area a couple ways you can go.

    1. Use Minitool Partition Wizard Free Edition to shrink the partition. It will probably do what you want where Disk Management will not.

    2. Use Macrium Reflect Free to take an image backup of the existing partition. Delete the partition then create two new partitions of the size you want then restore the Macrium image to the new 100GB partition. As long as the data will fit in the 100GB partition then this will work.

    If you move you data off to a different partition then you can reduce the size of the Win 10 partition down to 50 or 60GB but I would leave it at 100GB to cover Windows Updates and major twice yearly upgrades.
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    Not quite sure how to do that, so have just typed the screen data here:

    Volume / Layout / Type / File System / Status / Capacity / Free space / % Free

    Disk O, part 1 / Simple / Basic / (blank) / Healthy EFI Sys Part /500MB/500/100%

    Disk O, part 2 / Simple / Basic / (blank) / Healthy OEM Part / 40MB/40/100%

    Disk O, part 5 / Simple / Basic / NTFS / Healthy OEM Part /883MB/459/52%

    OS (C:) / Simple / Basic / NTFS / Healthy (Boot,CrashDump,Prim.Part.)/628GB/545/87%

    PBR image / Simple / Basic / NTFS / Healthy OEM Part /789GB/731MB/9%

    WINRETOOLS / Simple / Basic / NTFS / Healthy OEM Part /750MB/436MB/58%

    not sure what all those partitions are for.
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    windows 10

    You seem to have 524gig used on drive c were is all that going it's a lot of space used and why you can shrink it
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    Wish I could answer that cause if I could shrink it, I would already be working on the next leg.
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    10 Home x64 (22H2) (10 Pro on 2nd pc)

    Odysseus said:
    Wish I could answer that cause if I could shrink it, I would already be working on the next leg.
    Well, your first task is to find out what on earth you are using 524GB for on the C: drive. A typical install of 64-bit Windows 10 should be about 20GB with nothing else installed.

    You first step should be to look at Settings > System > Storage...

    ...You can click/tap on System and reserved, Apps and games, Pictures, Music, Videos, Mail, Documents, OneDrive, Other users, Temporary files, and Other to see more storage details about them.
    View Storage Usage of Drives in Windows 10 | Tutorials
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    As I try to answer your question, I first started to look for where the 524GB number came from, and see that I failed to put a decimal in the PBR image numbers. Should be 7.89GB.

    Not sure how the 524GB was calculated, but does the above change that number? Thanks
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    Windows 11 Pro

    If you are going to do the clean install anyway, select the custom install option, delete all the partitions- Note this will erase everything! Then highlight the unallocated space and click next to let Windows set up the standard Windows partitions. Then install MiniTool Partition Wizard Free and use it to shrink your Windows partition.
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    Windows 10 (Pro and Insider Pro)

    Samuria said:
    You seem to have 524gig used on drive c were is all that going it's a lot of space used and why you can shrink it
    That's free space! not used. OP has more than enough space to do what he wants.
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    If you need to shrink C: partition, it may be necessary to:
    - temporary disable virtual memory & hibernation
    - defragment the drive
    - shrink it
    - enable virtual memory & hibernation.
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