Cortana isn't supported in the region or language you've selected.

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    Windows 10

    Cortana isn't supported in the region or language you've selected.

    Hey guys,

    Not long installed the new Windows 10, but I had to change my language pack from English - United States to English - United Kingdom, now I'm trying to activate Cortana, but comes up saying Cortana isn't supported in the region or language you've selected.

    Tried looking online to fix this but of course I couldn't find a clear straight answer. COuld anyone help me on this? Thanks!
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    Windows 10 Enterprise

    I had this exact problem! My fix was as follows:

    Change all of your locale settings to US English, including language, date, time, format etc etc (also make sure you click on advanced & click on the change system locale to US English too)
    Once you have done that, reboot.
    When system starts up again, open & activate Cortana, accept agreement Etc
    Once Cortana is working, change everything back to UK English & reboot.
    Cortana should be working in UK English!! Make sure you have all the relevant speech packs installed though, my UK one was missing & had to add it in after.

    Hope this helps & credit goes to Technet forums
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    Could it be that your location is set to United States, after using the US English display language? To get Cortana working, the display language must match the set location; if you are using UK English as display language, you have to change the location to United Kingdom.

    Cortana isn't supported in the region or language you've selected.-2015-08-03_13h01_35.png

    Cortana - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

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    Kari the location was already set to United Kingdom, this appeared to be automatic after changing the language pack.

    Idealpc, thank you for your suggestion! But after trying this a few times now, it just come back to the same issue! I will re-read and try again later today just to be safe I am doing right but, I believe I am so I am. Will let you know if a working solution fixes the issue!
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    from the screenshot Kari showed, click on the highlighted UK language then you get a box under it with a button for options

    I had to go into this to download the UK speech pack, then set UK up under the speech section on the left

    If it still fails after that
    click the US language pack and select set as default
    then select the UK one and set as default

    bit of a fiddle, but I had to toggle from UK back to US language, then straight away back to UK to get it going
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    windows 10

    just got Cortana to work on my desktop
    had all the right setting but it would not work since updated to win 10
    so downloaded the uk language pack again and that solved it Cortana now working
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    win 10 pro x64

    Ok Hi Guys,

    there's a problem with the mic recognition setup on many setups. On my laptop this is how i got it to work after it just said it wasn't avail in my region. which is bollocks cos i'm UK.

    Step 1

    Know where your mic is located:
    In Recording Devices: Double click your mic, Goto Levels Tab; Push 30+ dB Boost: Goto Listen Tab click to listen to this device, click apply (not OK). talk loudly all around your case until you hear your voice clear and loud from the speakers or headphones.

    Step 2

    Run Mic Setup in Settings-Time & Language-Speech:
    Run Get Started: When it asks you to speak literally SHOUT into the mic with your lips touching the case. it will complete, click finish.

    Step 3

    Turn on Cortana where it used to say region not supported with the slider. Boom!

    Worked on 3 devices so far with realtek not supported mics.

    Once it's calibrated you can resume normal sitting position and talk loud and clear and she works fine.

    It may take you through the mic setup again, just repeat shouting at it from very close like above and finish.

    Hope this actually helps some people!



    Feel free to share and link this post around the net
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    Windows 10

    signed up to say none of that worked for me
    But the good news is that I figured out what my issue was so if you are certain all your region and language is correct, try this:

    All settings
    Time and language
    Additional date, time & regional settings - takes you to the old school control panel stuff
    English (United Kingdom) - if that's how you roll
    For me I had a thing to select to then set this as the primary language, which was odd because it was the only language.

    It tells you to log out for it to take effect but I found after logging out and back in Cortana was in a weird state where I could now toggle the on off but it still told me I lived in the wrong place. So I rebooted and all was good in the world
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    windows 10

    Hi all.

    Just thought I share my way of getting cortana to work.

    Ok so I had all the UK packs speeches etc still no cortana so what I done was downloaded USA English pack once downloaded set that as default. Then once I did that select UK pack as default once I did that it said I needed to reboot pc for changes to take effect so I did that and hey once pc started so was cortana.
    Hope this helps out other people.
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    Win 7, Win 10, Mac 10.8.5

    It's more frustrating if you are an ex-pat living abroad in a non-English speaking country. I wish cortana was not tied to the regional settings - there are several thousands of us ex-pats around the globe. We need to have our regional settings set to our locality, so tricking Windows into thinking we live in the U.S. or the U.K. is not an option. After all, we can keep our regional settings for a non-English date, time, weather, currency, etc while having the display language set to English, so I don't see a good reason for this restriction. This is 2015 - many of us move from place to place for extended periods - and that sort of lifestyle is only going to increase. Of course for others, those who speak English as a second language (some more eloquent than native English speakers), will probably never be able to use cortana at least with the current parameters.
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