Sorry if this has been asked before but I did a search but found no help

Hi can I ask for a little advice please
I have two computers my laptop has updated to windows 10with the automatic upgrade with no problems.
But my PC will not start the upgrade I was told to look inthe temp folder $Windows.~BT.
The size of this folder was 5.88 GB. And had been like thatfor a couple of days.
After reading on
It said that the upgrade might be corrupt I followed the adviceand went to (Windows/ Software Distribution/ Download) and deleted everythingin that folder. Then I ran the command prompt as an administrator. Type in"wuauclt.exe /updatenow".en as advised on the website.
Almost straight away the windows upgrade started again butit has gone back to the 5.88 Gb and stopped again
Looking at windows update and view update history I seethere are 6 failed attempts to upgrade to windows 10 all with Error detailscode 80240020
What next or do I just have to wait