I have a HP Stream 7 5700na that had windows 8.1 installed. I purchased as it was cheap at the time & I thought how bad could windows 8.1 be on a tablet. Well I barely used it because I hated it. Everything was small & very sensitive trying to close tabs, open settings & other things seemed very slow also.

Well, I took a risk & I downloaded the media creation tool from MS, selected to Upgrade & let to do its thing. It took around an hour to download & install but once done when presented after the welcome screen the windows menu was permanently open like you couldn't have the desktop on its own. I thought damn it was a failure. But to mu surprise after restarting the tablet WOW is all I can say. Its actually the tab section of the windows 10, no desktop & everything you need is clear & easy to access & whats more, its damn fast.

Doing a bit of research & the HP Stream 7 5700na was discontinued & prices fell because of the poor performance with windows 8.1 on it but with windows 10 it zips like its on ice & its actually enjoyable to use.

Very happy & if anyone has a windows 8.1 tablet they they want to try & suggest you do because it puts a whole new level of usability to it!