I decided to update by Win8.1 PC to Windows 10. I need to update soon as I am moving to an area with only 1-4mb broadband so downloads will be slow.

Checked compatability- all showed fine. Downloaded iso and ran it. Installation went ok.

Started up got couple of errors, like :

This driver can't release to failure - OK

- not especially helpful , or even grammatical. Then found no network connection at all, and graphics card not recognised, so only 1 monitor. Network adapator showed fine in devices and as working but no connection, and graphics card not showing in display adaptors.
Tried a few things but got nowhere, so after 90 minutes on Windws 10, I went back to Windows 8.1 and all was fine again. At least reverting back was smooth and quick. So relived to see good old 8.1 welcome again. Pc is less than a year old with decent spec from PC Specialist. mobo is Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming3 and graphics card is GTX 750 Ti , and all running up to date drivers.

Any ideas what I can do to make the upgrade work, when I'm brave/stupid enough to try again?