Windows 10: Weird behaviour

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    Weird behaviour

    Hi, I have backupped a good working system, installed with everything I'm used to work with (a win pro 64 install from usb stick wich works),..I did this because I knew updating windows to its latest version would give me problems...and yes today I have tried again for the 3rd time! When windows has finished installing all updates and I'm on the desktop, my pointer starts stuttering, freezing, sticking over icons,..loading Edge takes a few seconds and it gets worse when I close it and click on it again, also small exe files, like 1mb app don't even load. Restarting takes ages. I don't get this at all, everything is updated to its latest drivers. It seems I can not upgrade at all, I'm stuck with security updates, and can forget creator upgrades or whatever it's called. Does someone recognize this irritating behaviour and knows a solution? Please help!
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    Before upgrading run sfc /scannow from an admin command prompt to check/fix system files and also run chkdsk /f on your system drive.
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    Hi, how old is your PC? Is there a manufacturer's model code?
    The graphics card looks to perhaps be 2 years old.

    a win pro 64 install from usb stick wich works
    Do you imply this is an older build of Win 10? If so, which?

    What is your current Windows 10 build?
    Windows key + X, winver

    I did this because I knew updating windows to its latest version would give me problems...and yes today I have tried again for the 3rd time! When windows has finished installing all updates
    This seems inconsistent given your apparent objective was to use and stay with an older build.
    I read your account roughly as:

    I installed an older build because I knew my PC wouldn't work with the latest build (1803). However I let it update, and now I have problems.

    I would have thought you would have installed the older build and not allowed it to update.

    Please advise.
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    Last week I installed a new motherboard (Asrock Taichi x299 XE). Then inserted my Win10Pro Usb stick (wich I bought when win10 was available) and installed Windows. Then installed my drivers for everything I have, installed all programs I use. System running great,no problems...Then I checked for Windows updates and let it do its thing. So now back to desktop after a long update (version 1803), the cursor of my pen (I don't use a mouse) gets sticky for a few seconds, especially when I click on Edge icon on taskbar, Edge loads fast but when I close it and click again it loads slower and the pointer starts to freeze...programs load slow, and I have to reset or wait long enough (30 sec and longer) to move the pointer again..annoying stuff.


    installed a new Wacom driver, it fixes a lot, but still experiencing these problems, they are less occuring but still happening, I hope it gets better.

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    Ge to basics, then test. Remove the tablet and anything else connected except your display, install a USB mouse and keyboard. How does the system behave. That could at least tell you if the tablet or another external device is causing the problem.
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    Then installed my drivers for everything I have,
    1. How did you do that? Normally just let Windows handle drivers unless there's something exceptional.
    Please confirm you did not use a driver updater tool.

    2. What is the build of your original Win 10 (on the old USB)?

    Note that when you upgrade to a new build, you get a new set of drivers. Some people find that that causes problems. Or a BIOS update may be needed. At present we have no idea in your case- too many variables.

    Your slow sticky response could be due to a number of things.
    the pointer starts to freeze...programs load slow,
    - could be high CPU use or paging problems- but you have 32Gb RAM, so the latter seems unlikely.

    3. What is your idle resource usage? Please post a screenshot of your task manger when your PC is nominally idle.
    To post a screenshot please use the Insert Image icon above your post.

    It seems I can not upgrade at all,
    4. Please clarify.
    Do you mean
    a. Updating from the build from the USB disk kills my system
    b. Windows update now doesn't work
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    Ok another update:

    Re-installed everything again, now I'm on windows version build 10240/1507. That's as far as I go, everything works and a smooth experience. I have defer windows update selected. No 1803 version for me at the moment, I will wait for October update and see how that goes. Thanks for your help.

    @dalchina, I think my usb WINPRO version is (2015)..1503?
    When I installed the latest build, I did notice high CPU usage and temps, 55° desktop idle,...75% of the cores too busy. Now temps are 33° desktop idle and most of the cores are idle. (I have 7960x cpu, 96gb RAM)

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    October update is available, version 1809, via Windows Update or via Media Creation Tool.
    See here:
    Windows 10 October 2018 Update now available

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    Hi, clearly the origin of your high CPU use with a later Win 10 build would require analysis - there's no info here to go on.

    Many users find upgrading to build 1709 relatively painless (you can get an iso for that as for any build at any time).

    I'd recommend you consolidate what you have now by creating a disk image (recommended- Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage).

    As I mentioned, the driver set delivered with each build can differ- MS seems to have a database of drivers per build, so that's one possible cause.

    You'd need to see what is using your CPU time, and see if you can identify a cause. You have a new motherboard, so you might have other older hardware. Presently there's nothing to go on, unless there is anything on Asrock's forum if there is one. Worth asking.

    You'll know deferral is up to 365 days; at some point one might suppose any PC bought originally with Win 10 will become incapable of being upgraded... something MS seems not to have thought about... yet.
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    Hi, installed October version, downloaded an ISO and made a bootable usb, installed clean. System up and problems so far. Thanks for the help guy's much appreciated ;-).
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