Hi there

I decided to get another free update (legal) by using a TechNet W7 Ultimate system that I'd never used or installed --still had ISO and key..

It wasn't so easy !!! If you have a reasonably up to date machine going back to install some OLD W7 drivers was actually a REAL pain -- I couldn't get the wireless adapter to work so I had to hunt around the house for some LAN cable and get "She who must be obeyed" !! quite angry with loads of cable all over the place between cable router box and my workbench in the loft.

Finally got it all up and running -- Windows 10 upgrade went smoothly and all LAN cable removed (She's happy now !!!).

I had to get the W7 system activated otherwise the whole thing would have been a waste of time.

It was quite funny also working in VGA on a HUGE monitor !!!!

After activation it needed 202 updates !!! even from a base sp1 system - nearly 1GB but I've got fast uncapped Internet.
After the updates I got the W10 update prompt and it all worked.

Going back to W8.1 for a freebie is OK but on a modern machine going back to W7 isn't so easy !!!!. Some newer hardware just won't work on W7 !! --different problem from going to W10 FROM an older OS. !!!

If you want a Free W10 licence though it's worth doing -- Glad I collected those TechNet keys before the program expired.

I suppose getting "She" a bit annoyed was the 199 USD I'd saved by going through this exercise. !!!!

So although it worked use W8 / W8.1 licences if you have new hardware unless you really want another licence and you HAVE to use W7.

I need the desktop for REAL work so I don't need the insider program on that machine nor the laptop I upgraded yesterday. That went smoothly (from W8.1).