Winuser - I didn't want to do that because I have a lot of large games installed on that system.

NavyLCDR - I backed up my drivers then realized as long as my monitor/resolution worked I wouldn't need to install any drivers because all I'm doing is testing windows configurations. No matter, I'll have a backup anyway to go with the new Windows 10 1803 ISO the Microsoft media creation tool downloaded.

I also use O&O ShutUp10 and it is compatible with 1803 as is Black Vipers settings however, I wonder what difference there is between 1803 and my 1709 that may cause some settings not to work properly due to a change by Microsoft.

I was able to install the 1803 on a new partition and it works fine. I'll give the setting tweaks a go perhaps tomorrow as it's gonna take me a while to re-read and understand all the processes and services again.. I did this years ago on a Windows 7 and got the start up processes and services down to 24 with everything else disabled so it couldn't start unless I needed it or unless it was super critical for the OS to work.. All it did was play games and surf the web, nothing else so it was super fast. That's what I'm trying to recreate.

Thank you all so much for your help.