Been out of the loop for around 12 days and I am curious about the upgrade to 10. After trying various TP's on a separate hard drive I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my 8.1 using 10166, it was then updated to 10240 as a pro edition. After missing the 29th launch I got back in town and updated 10240 via WU. I now have an activated 10 install Pro version even though my 8.1 was the home edition.

At what point will Win 10 revert to the home edition? If I stay in the insider program will it remain pro? If at some point I want to clean install I'm assuming it will get the home ver as that is what I d/l using MCT to create a USB install. Winver indicates 10 Pro licensed to me and HP, which makes sense.

I see no reason for a clean install at the moment but we all know I will do it at some point.