I have one primary issue regarding W10.

W10 keeps enforcing Norwegian Penguin-Language by detecting keyboard layout; although global setting (thou currency+format is Norwegian) is English (US), which causes severe cases of: autism, retardation, degrading of technical terms, navigation difficulties, cancerous browsing behaviour, cancerous spelling correction,

which results in:
apps/ programs With mixed Languages, EXTREME LIMITATION of app-functionality due to region-Lock even though I'm situated in Luxembourg and I'm unable to fix and correct issues quickly due to retarded norwegianfication of technical terms due to mongos translating the terms.

Is there any way to circumvent this issue on a global basis?
if per app-basis, how do I change Language of eg. "Contact Support"
note that I do have a Norwegian keyboard layout, but I wish Windows never knew that.

Maybe "time and currency" format is the root of all evil? (during installation)

My original issue was that I instantly performed a clean W10 install, however I formated away the old working partition that was faulty with an infected with a Windows update issue/ limitation. I didn't want to Upgrade/ transfer that shit further With an Upgrade.