UEFI boot -- get rid of loads of OS'es (about 7) on boot menu Solved

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       26 Apr 2018 #11

    lx07 said: View Post
    This is terrible advice.

    Firstly it will delete Grub which the OP is using. It isn't clear is he is using EFI stub for booting but either way deleting everything is excessive and would certainly result in him being unable to boot any of his other OS as you would delete /EFI/Grub which is where the Grub 2 loader is or EFI/Ubuntu or whatever if he is booting that way.

    Secondly it will not reset NVRAM (all bcdboot does it sticks windows loader at the top of the list). All other entries remain. You can easily check this from EFI shell.

    This set of commands should only be recommended if you only ran Windows which @jimbo45 certainly doesn't.
    What's so terrible about it ?. If you read his original post #1. No where that he refers to GRUB except when he select one of the non existent OS listed then he gets a GRUB menu. He even thinks about formatting the Boot partition and re-install Windows so he'd get a clean Boot partition.

    Using the commands above will rebuild everything from scratch. And if he wants dual boot then use bcdboot.
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  2.    26 Apr 2018 #12

    topgundcp said: View Post
    Using the commands above will rebuild everything from scratch
    No they will not. They will not reset your NVRAM entries.

    Honestly - try it and look.

    I spend almost two weeks recently trying to dual boot Arch Linux (64 bit) and Windows (64 bit) from an old PC with 32 bit EFI. I could make Windows work (going through 32 bit grub.efi) but Linux refused to work (because of display drivers and "nomodeset" not working in kernels since about the year 2000). I failed in the end and could only run Linux without X (so no GUI) as my PC was too old.

    What was interesting though is every single time I installed Windows it stuck it's boot manager first. It doesn't even shuffle the rest lower - bcdboot just replaces the first entry.

    Basically it just runs this bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi which does not add it to the top it just replaces what is at the top.

    If you look at the entries (I only used EFI shell bcfg boot dump and bcfg boot add 0 fs0:\EFI\Boot\Whatever.efi but perhaps you can see it in Windows too idk)

    I didn't mean your advice was terrible in general - just for the OP (and anyone else) who never stop banging on about booting Linux 'cos it would break it. Depending on your EFI implementation it might be worth deleting some entries from NVRAM as well as extraneous junk from your ESP. They may also want to keep some stuff in the ESP if they are using it.
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       26 Apr 2018 #13

    No they will not. They will not reset your NVRAM entries.
    Well, Every entry on the multiple boot menu, by deleting an entry from BCD or rebuild the BCD should remove the orphan entries and UEFI firmware should reflect what's in the BCD. If for some reason it doesn't then next step is to download Easy UEFI:
    Manage EFI/UEFI boot options & Manage EFI System Partitions & Fix EFI/UEFI boot issues the easy way!

    Run and delete all the entries except Windows Boot Manager. This will update the NVRAM.
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       27 Apr 2018 #14

    Hi folks

    Thanks for your input

    I fixed it by booting UBUNTU from an external USB SSD and ran efibootmgr.

    Re-installed Windows (which I was going to do at some point anyway).

    Now it's fine with just Windows and the EFI command shell options on boot - standard stuff + network boot if I want to use that.

    Marking solved as now

    Note : I don't know why so many people say Linux destroys Windows boot -- shouldn't - never has with me although I have had in the past when booting windows the BCD boot comes up with choose OS. Not an issue here though.

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  5.    27 Apr 2018 #15

    Upgrading macOS destroys Windows boot too if you dual boot using EFI. It will wipe it or any other boot manager from the list. They both (Windows and macOS) like to make themselves the top dog. Linux is well behaved in that regard - I find it well behaved :)
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