Hi Guys,

I recently tried to install windows 10 on my iMac (installed directly from my windows 8.1 bootcamp partition).

It took a very very long time to install, and when finished my monitor would flicker on and off every few seconds. When I typed in my password to log on, it took about 15 minutes to show me my desktop.

Then it presented the error message (exact quote, no commission of information) "Your windows 8 Registry has been altered, please fix it!" with the only option being "OK".

When ever I tried to click a button (such as the start button, search button etc), the computer would automatically lock, and then restart (all while the screen is flickering on and off).

The edits I made to the registry in windows 8 were:
1. editing "border padding" to minimise the borders around applications
2. installing glass8/areoglass (which gives the window borders some transparency like in win7). I assume this edited the registry to provide this effect.

I tried to make a recovery drive to fix the problem, but the "fix problems with startup" won't work, and it won't allow me to revert to a previous build of windows, or even repair the os (by deleting all my files and reinstalling windows) as the drive is "locked".

I have a file history backup of all my files, and I can still access everything from windows 10 (program files, program files 86x etc) on OS X (I just can't delete any of them, but can save them).

What can I do now?

Obviously I would prefer to just fix the problem, if there is any way to do so (keeping all my files and programs)

I have accepted that I may have to delete everything, but am trying to avoid re-installing everything again as I would have to install My OEM copy of windows 7, install Bootcamp drivers, install my upgrade to windows 8, install bootcamp drivers, upgrade to windows 8.1, and then upgrade to windows 10 (which would take over 2 full days).

Sorry for the long post, and if you could shine any light on this situation, it would be so greatly appreciated!

Thanks heaps for reading this, and thanks in advanced for all replies!