Windows 10: Transfer only the OS (W10) to a different drive Solved

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       08 Apr 2018 #11

    brucemc777 said: View Post
    Y'all are either going

    "He's FINALLY got it!!!"


    "Good Lord he's dense!!!"...

    But seriously, even a Samsung EVO 500GB is only $149.99, and yes you will most definitely see and feel faster speeds in day to day usage, and you`ll love it.

    A ssd has no moving parts, and creates virtually no heat.
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  2.    08 Apr 2018 #12

    Dang it. You just talked me into cancelling my order on the 250 and ordering the 500... :)
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       08 Apr 2018 #13

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  4.    10 Apr 2018 #14

    Having a little trouble here - just got the SSD, disconnected all other drives and hooked the SSD onto SATA 0, then booted to a recent W10 install disk (downloaded the latest about 10 days ago).

    Regardless of if I set a partition (the entire disk) and format it or not I still get the following error:

    "We couldn't create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information, see the Setup log files."

    Anyone know what's going on? The board is a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P if that info helps-

    Edit: After trying one idea after another (and finding out that if I do not have a USB drive plugged into a specific port, the selection to boot from CDROM will not work??? - Kind of confirmed my thoughts of dealing with an antiquated BIOS), I finally tried switching boot order to first the CDROM and the "Hard Drive" second. Got me by that problem, but I am rather dubious at this point as I noted the date on my bios was 2009, and further, why should it all work right now?

    I was about to reconnect the other drives and see if there was an upgrade to my BIOS, something I do with extreme caution as I feel it is just inviting Murphy's Law to slap me around some more, but as this seems to be moving forward...

    Oh, and btw, when I got the SSD my first thought was "Are you kidding??? This thing is supposed to be a 500GB drive?"
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       10 Apr 2018 #15

    Yep 2TB is the same size and with M.2 PCIe there even smaller about the width of a RAM Stick and half as long. Storage has come a very long way in the last few years
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       10 Apr 2018 #16

    What do you mean, the size of the SSD ? A SSD is 2.75 x 4 inches.

    There should nothing on the drive but unallocated space.

    Clean Install Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
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  7.    10 Apr 2018 #17

    I think he possibly meant when he unboxed it, the small size of the SSD and it being 500GB. I know my first SSD I was like this can't be right lol.
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       10 Apr 2018 #18

    Ya, I'm sure that`s what he means :)

    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    He`d probly have a heart attack if he got a M.2

    But I (at 1st) thought he meant that it's not actually 500GB in windows.
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  9.    11 Apr 2018 #19

    The danged thing looks more like a credit card than a drive! I once bought a brand new 80MB drive (just a while after the $300 30MB drive). I don't recall how much I paid for that thing, but, and I don't know how old y'all are or how far you go back with computers, it was what was called a "double high". This was because it took up two normal drive bays because it was so large...

    Anyway, I want to once again thank everyone out there for helping me. For the time being, all is stable, the new drive is running great, and I even successfully allowed a W10 update to run (Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803), and it actually finished!!! (Well, this morning when it first tried it was stuck at 0% so after an hour I chose to reboot, turn UAC on and set my firewall to be a little flexible, then it installed.)
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       12 Apr 2018 #20

    Access Denied said: View Post
    I think he possibly meant when he unboxed it, the small size of the SSD and it being 500GB. I know my first SSD I was like this can't be right lol.
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