Expect a plethora of complaints, the new keyboard driver released overnight refuses to take repeat key presses or hold-downs.
The fix is to restart your machine.

The symptom I met was the backspace hold-down would only backspace one space, similary left. right, then "suddenly" became "sudenly" and so on and so forth.

I's a pain to have to restart everything just because the beta testers did a rubbish job - I'm a top tester, I beta-tested the UK Statute Law database and my surname's at the heart of every executable, DLL, Library, driver, you name it - I'm Jeremy Main, and a bad joke in 1968 got it adopted as the start function of one of the first compilers, after IBM commandeered START and BEGIN for BASIC 1 file-handling. I blame Kernigan and Sjoustrup...who confirms that Bell Labs did indeed nick the best ideas from earlier work, as everything we did back then was open source, we were building the industry and so had to work cooperatively. MS please take note, your copyright on almost everything is actually illegal, because huge chunks were the work of your ancestors in the industry.

I'd suggest that this is a major misdemeanour in whoever was supposed to beta test the release, and likely their boss too, it's an utter howler of the second order (I reserve first order howlers for those which destroy machines) as it likely affects every Windows machine in the world - six billion of them, or so. A new broom is what they should have, and you can interpret that in many ways - a new broom for demotion to janitor, a new broom to sweep clean in beta-testing put in their place, a new broom at the masthead to imitate the Dutch Admiral van Tromp who decided to sweep the seas clear of English pirates. Yo ho me hearties...