Hello, I tried install Win10 several times. First when I wasnt patient, I downloaded Microsoft Media Creation Tool and tried to install windows that way, those attemps ended on 33%, second time and 32% with 6% in the second step, with the same error message 0xc1900101-0x30018 Instalation failed in FIRST_BOOT phase, operation SYSPREP failed.
Moving on, I found a way to force my windows update to finaly give me the option on to upgrade through it, but just to be sure, I tried something from other thread, unplugged SATA cable from my optical drive, unplugged mouse, keyboard, headphones and printer too. Update worked fine, I somehow got through 33% up to 47% with 38% in the second step, but the stucked again. After recovery back to my Win7 I got error message from windows update: c1900101-3000d
What should I do now? I'm running out of hope.