Windows 10: Botched Upgrade Solved

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    Botched Upgrade

    I have a botched Upgrade and quite sure it was because of an old BIOS not compatible with the Upgrade. I say this because I've seen this with many HP machines, and, there are Very New, and many BIOS Firmware updates present on the site for this pc. Not to mention all the BIOS Updates on the site are all messed up as far as Versions matching the Date Timeline.

    It was a Auto Upgrade so was not around to see what happened exactly. I have a few ideas that I would like to run by you guys whom work with Windows 10 Upgrade issues on a regular basis. Right now it is stuck in a "Automatic Repair Loop" And I have access to "Advanced Options" I've tried a bunch of things that I won't go into here - again, as I'm sure it is the BIOS - if needed I will post more. Most of what I tried is at this EaseUS Link.

    These are my ideas in order of least risky. "Automatic Repair Loop"

    1. Try to use Advanced Options to fall back on the Windows.old Folder and revert to the working OS. Then Update the BIOS and carry one with the Upgrade. Sorry, don't know the history of what Version it may be at now.
    a. Of course this option will take a long time. The Revert and then the Upgrade.

    2. Boot from USB with BIOS Installer on it and Update the BIOS in hopes of the OS Upgrade is all Installed but just won't boot.
    a. This would be the nicest Option if it would work, but I've never heard of anyone doing this? And, it may Bork the whole system.

    3. Update the BIOS via. the HP Diagnostic Utility in current BIOS. For those who don't known, there is this Option in the Diagnostics Program built into the HP BIOS.
    a. This is similar to the above, but may be more risky as I don't know if the newest BIOS will be installed by HP.

    4. If all else fails I guess I would have to do a Clean Install.

    Wicked Thanks, FunkMaster
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    Number 1 sounds like it might be the best one to start with. It's a PIA if it's going to take a long time, but on the upside, rolling back to the previous edition you'll at least have a working computer. Then you can flash the BIOS with the latest, make sure things work ok, then try the upgrade.

    2. I doubt the upgrade is installed and just won't boot, I could be wrong but if your hunch is right about the BIOS I don't see how the upgrade would've installed.

    3. No opinion about this option, if you're not sure then I wouldn't do it.

    4. If the BIOS is the cause of the upgrade failing then a clean install probably wouldn't work either.

    A combination of #1 and #2 may be the best options. First revert back, then update the BIOS however works best for you. At that point if the upgrade succeeds then it's all good, if not you may end up doing a clean install. Sounds like the primary thing is updating your BIOS, so first I would roll back to the previous installation to get your computer working again.

    Good luck :)
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    4. If the BIOS is the cause of the upgrade failing then a clean install probably wouldn't work either.
    Yep, I thought about that and just miss spoke.

    I think you are correct CmmTch, and that is what I'll do! I wanted to try Number 2, just to see if it would actually work, but in hindsight is would take more work if it fails, oppose to just letting the pc do all the work.

    I did look at all the System Files via Linux Live USB, and they are all there, but could not figure out if they were the Upgrade or just the originals, after they had been copied to the Windows.old Folder.

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    Check all of the hardware on the computer by running the HP UEFI diagnostics.
    This should rule in /out significant problems.
    1) Download and install HP UEFI diagnostics version 6.6:
    HP PC Hardware Diagnostics | HP® Official Site
    2) Power on the computer and repetitively click the F2 key.
    3) Overnight run the HP UEFI diagnostics in loop until failure mode
    This is a repetitive extensive test. It tests the major components on the computer.
    If there are any problems detected or if you want to run the full tests there are interactive component tests.
    4) If there is a failure the test is designed to abort and the test results will be incomplete
    5) If the loop until failure test is running the next day you can allow it to make 2 full loops. Then abort the testing by clicking the keyboard escape key. Then confirm the results in the BIOS UEFI diagnostic log.
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    I got it guys! It's the weirdest thing with Windows 10, all these problems with Updates and Upgrades, has anyone ever seen this in other OS's in the history of MS?

    I decided to do a Refresh saving files and apps, and lo and behold 1709 was the refresh! I don't know exactly what happened but it would appear that the Upgrade just stalled out for some reason towards the end. The BIOS was actually up to date once I read up on all the iterations of it.

    Thanks guys, FunkMaster
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    Great news! Thanks for posting back when you found a resolution, some forget to get back to the thread and post what happened.

    Rep for you for that :)
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  7.    24 Feb 2018 #7

    Your welcome
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