Hi, I am a total noob to computers so I dont know what to do here.

basically I'm installing windows 10 & it's gotten stuck in either a loop or it's taking a hell of a time to load (over 4 hrs at time of post) it's a black screen with a blue windows logo in the centre. That's it. No animation, no spinny circle, no noise, no cursor and no percentage of install. Nothing.

Is there any way to get past this or reboot my system safely? Any help is greatly appreciated as I need my laptop for school. As afore mentioned I'm a noob so please don't bite Thanks x

Update !!! Now thelaptop is off... turning it on brings to my samsung turn on screen then the laptop powers off!!! Help!!!! What did I do!!!

Update of update: Got laptop on and box came up: "0xC1900101-0x20017 The installation failed in the SAFE-OS phase during BOOT operation" can someone translate this into noob language please???