Hello. My cpu 8700K ,16GD DDR GSKILL XMP ( 3000mhz )

2 disks: SSD Crucial 525 GB MX300, HDD TOSHIBA 500GB 7200RP

I downloaded from microsoft Windows 10 and make bootable iso in Pendrive Kingston Data Traveler.

After installed Windows 10

I faced this issue:

High CPU usage with state repository service in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update | Microsoft Surface tablet

My Windows 10 computer has became slow after cleaned install of Fall Creators. When I load some website in Edge and click on any link, nothing happens and the browser keeps freezing. I notice that state repository service takes about 100% resources of CPU usage. It happens while I connect it to internet via ethernet network. Then I open the Immersive control panel or Settings app and click on any link, the same problem appears, no matter using Microsoft or local account.

After 2-3 restarts issue gone. But i tried to reproduce this issue and i format disk again and installed Win 10 again from pendrive. But this time all was fine.

And my question is. Why after second format and second install Windows 10 i dont had this issue? Thank you for explanation. Cheers.