I've only been in the "insider program" for a few months and am not what I would call myself as an IT person. I have two HP Desktops, neither one would call new?

One I use in the office-spare bedroom and the other in the Living Room. Both are running Win 10 Pro 64. The living room PC was for entertainment and doesn't have email or Office. I have been using it as my "insider preview" PC as the only personal photos and information are on added in hard drives and not on the same drive where Win 10's are installed.

Before starting in the Insider Program, I did as suggested and created a Repair DVD and a set of Backup + System Image disks (3 DVD's) I successfully used them once to recovery from an insider Crash, but a week or so later with another update it happened again and this time the PC will go to Post but not load Windows. I have the bios set to search for the DVD to boot from first, then the hard drive. If I use the created "Repair Disk" (booted from DVD drive I can get to the C: prompt and to the Advanced tools but "restore" and recovery both vails. If I don't use the repair DVD, windows will still not load and the error is "unmountable boot volume" appears, the a black screen, followed by the repair tools window which looks very much like the DVD repair tools window?

The Backup and System Image file were dated 11-16-2016:
Win 10 Pro 64 bit Version 1607 OS build 14393.447
What should I do next to revive this PC.

I don't have a Win 10 Pro install disk as this PC was auto updated from an OEM Win 7 Ultimate version back when there were free upgrades. I do have a product ID however.

Thanks for you time.