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       29 Jun 2016 #11

    Windows 7 never has and never will support secure boot. That isn't an ASUS. Not being able to disable secure boot in the UEFI is an ASUS thing, however.

    I found this on another forum:
    Had the same problem on sabertooth 990fx r2 gen 3 after a bios update on a Windows 7 x64 machine. Strangely, it would happen randomly. Sometimes it would go for days with no problems then it would decide not to boot 4-5 times in a row. Had it set to other OS in bios but secure boot was on. I played around and think I found a solution. Not sure if the sabertooth options will be the same but hopefully they're close enough to help. I enabled UEFI . After enabling, right below, a new option appears: key settings or key management , something to that effect. Click on it and the first option is clear saved keys. Clear them and go back to the previous screen. Switch back to other OS and secure boot should be disabled. Hope this helps!
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  2.    30 Jun 2016 #12

    [QUOTE=NavyLCDR;719033]Windows 7 never has and never will support secure boot. That isn't an ASUS. Not being able to disable secure boot in the UEFI is an ASUS thing, however.
    Thanks for the reply.
    I do realize all this. Found it on ASUS's website. They know about the Windows update that caused the problem, and show how to disable SecureBoot. The layout of the BIOS they use to demo the cure is different from my UEFI utility layout. I am sure the layout of your "R2.0 Gen3 is different from my R1.0 That is the problem right now.
    My UEFI has been ENABLED since new. I do not have the option for Key settings or anything like it. That is the first thing I read about when this happened. But I can't delete the keys if I don't have the option to do so.
    Also In Windows Settings; Following the instructions to change the UEFI Firmware Settings, I do not have the option to go into UEFI Firmware Settings. I can get to where it should be, but that option is not listed. All the other options shown it the tutorials are listed, just not the Firmware Settings.
    I do have the latest BIOS as far as I can find. 1604 10/16/2012 This is for the R1.0
    UEFI Version 2.00.1201
    I am beginning to think that I will have to use Command Line to fix it. Just haven't been able to find a good set of instructions .
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  3.    30 Jun 2016 #13

    After reading my last post; I wonder if I can install a newer version of the UEFI utility.
    Gotta go outside and do some work right now, I check on that later.

    Thanks again for the replies.
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       30 Jun 2016 #14

    Do you have a System Image backup or a Restore Point from before KB3133977 was installed ?
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  5.    30 Jun 2016 #15

    I do have restore points, but I will still have Secure Boot turned on in BIOS and can't turn it off.
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       30 Jun 2016 #16

    If i understand correctly,
    SecureBoot was never turned on in BIOS until you installed KB3133977.
    Now you can't turn it off because of a BIOS bug.

    If that's true, a BIOS reset might turn it off when resetting to factory defaults.
    That would also undo any changes you made to UEFI/BIOS so you would have to re-apply your tweaks.

    If you can save your current configuration, i would do that before resetting.
    Make sure you know all your current settings before doing a reset.

    With your setup a bios reset could affect other OS's, i don't know, just a warning.

    When you built the PC, did you start with a bios reset ?
    I always start with a reset, no telling what the settings might be from the factory.
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  7.    30 Jun 2016 #17

    I did update the BIOS after the build. No bug in the BIOS . This version of UEFI Utility is just different.
    I talked with ASUS today and they said this board does not have the option to turn Secure Boot off. I said, "I know, I've been trying for over a week". They said to reinstall Win7 on that SSD. They also said to call MS for a possible fix.
    I think I will disconnect my other drives and try to do a system repair or a soft restore. I don't want to lose what I have on that drive, but I can back it all up and do a complete reinstall. No biggie, I use to reinstall Win Me every 6 months and reconfigure it to keep it lean and mean. I was always messing with Win XP, lots of tweaks in that one. Win7 has just been like, install it and use it. Never had a single problem with it. Just hate to do it in the summer, more important things outside to do.
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