Hello everyone,

Sometime ago i made a thread on this forum about my monitor sometimes showing ''no signal'' after cold pc boot. (monitor on first, then booting pc, no signal, hard reset pc and it worked). I got around this by first booting up my screen, wait for the logo of AOC to dissappear and then boot up pc.

Now i have a really weird problem and i just cant figure it out, after looking on google the last couple of weeks im desperate to find the solution.

My pc works fine, nothing weird going on and it works how it should be for being a budget pc. But i still have the following problem: Whenever im booting up a game, or updating my graphics card or w/e. My screen sometimes (lets say once a day when using the pc for like 4 hours or something) gets all fuzzy/blurry. Better said, every single line of pixels from left to right on my screen are out of place. I made a picture of it but you cant nsee it on that picture. only on the left and the right of the screen are small white lines. the rest of the screen its just like all out of place. 1 total horizontal line moved 1 pixel to the left, line beneath moved like to the right etc. Its little bit hard to explain (and hard to google..)

This only happens when my pc has to transition to a black screen and back to a game or something. Lets say i boot up a game, it goes black for a second and then into the loading screen. Then it pops over to the fuzzy/blurry lines thing. This also happened when i updated my geforce graphics card. right between it goes to black (to install new drivers) and goes back to the screen it happens. Only on those occasions. On black screen transitions.

Well yeah i could just try to turn of my monitor and turn it back on. But when i do that my screen cant find any signal anymore. What is weird tho that when it has no signal it goes dark and the light stays orange. When this happens it keeps going green to orange the whole time saying no signal everytime. I can only fix this by rebooting my pc with the power button. After that, no problemo

My spec:
CPU: G4560
RAM: 2x Hyperx Ram
GPU: GTX 1050 Ti Gaming X 4G
MOBO: MSI B250 PC Mate

Things i did:
-DDU uninstall drivers and reinstall (with rebooting in between)
-Power cord from monitor out of power supply and back in after few hours (read it somewhere on the internet with bad electricity
- Uninstalled screen software (can switch settings with that)

Things worth noting:
- Connected with Displayport
- PS4 connected with HDMI does also not show no signal if i turn ps4 on first and screen second.
- The menu where i can change screen settings it not out of place
- When i turn ps4 on when this happens the screen of that is fine
- IT NEVER happens during normal use, only on transitioning to black screen and back
- I sometimes hear the ''disconnected'' sound windows provides when you like take out a USB stick or something.

Thing i will do coming days:
- Power hub where i connected everything to has a failsafe in it (sometimes i hear it ticking) perhaps its giving
faulty electricity?

Sorry for my bad english btw, its not great, i really hope someone knows something, if not im going to send my monitor first to check (because of ps4 also having trouble sometimes staying black screen)