Display driver crash when time spy - only when i turn on monitor from

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    Display driver crash when time spy - only when i turn on monitor from

    Hi. I tried to reproduce 2 times display driver crash. When i run 3dmark time spy stress test. I turn off monitor and then turn on again it will stop test and display TDR crash report in event viewer. Is this reason to worry? This happened 2 times when i turn off montor and turn on back. I tried to reproduce this more than 2 times,and no crash. Yes test will stop , but no TDR driver crash. Weird.

    PC: 6700K stock
    16GB DDR4
    Asus Z170-P
    Corsair 750 RM
    1080 Ti Fe stock No oc.Screen from event viewer:

    When i tried to reproduce driver crash i cant. It happened only 2 times.Any ideas why it crashed driver only 2 times during this? Why it doesn't happen everytime? ( TDR )

    My monitor: iiyama red eagle g-master gb2488hsu-b3

    If i dont turn off monitor test will run non stop even 24 hours without crash.Monitor is display port to DVI.
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  2.    25 Oct 2017 #2

    Are you using a display port adapter?
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  3.    25 Oct 2017 #3

    no adapter
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       25 Oct 2017 #4

    sure a display test can only be ran while the display is active. if the monitor is turned off then suppose it would reduce power to the display port maybe?
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  5.    25 Oct 2017 #5

    During test when i turned off monitor and turn back on 2 times, 2 times test stopped and driver crashed TDR. I tried to reproduce this more than 2 times , but no TDR crash. Yes test will stop, but no TDR driver crash. Is this reason to worry? So why only 2 times driver crashed?

    Why it doesn't happen everytime ( TDR ) ?
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       25 Oct 2017 #6

    how come you are wanting to turn the display off during the test? Does the display work at all other times fine?
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    yes but i want to be sure why it shows sometimes TDR after this?
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       25 Oct 2017 #8

    best thing to do is run it normally and when it blue screens, post in the blue screen thread and they will ask for certain info to point to the exact problem pal :)
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  9.    26 Oct 2017 #9

    Just want to be sure if my gpu is fine.
    So if sometimes TDR driver crash during turning on monitor and sometimes not crash , its not fault of hardware?
    It doesn't happen everytime ( TDR ). One time yes,second not. Any ideas?
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       26 Oct 2017 #10

    I would say its because the display is being deactivated/reactivated during use. If a stress test doesnt force the error then there no actual fault as such. But I have seen flakey PSU's cause this sort of issue where the power to the GPU was slightly delayed making windows think this was the fault.
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