No Second Monitor for Vizio TV After Windows Update 1703

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    No Second Monitor for Vizio TV After Windows Update 1703

    Good lord, I've spent 12 hours at this point trying to figure this out and I've gotten nowhere, so I'm begging the gods over here on the forums for some help.

    I have my computer set up where a second monitor is a Vizio D40-D1 smart TV, connected through a DVI to HDMI cable.

    Last night, I did a Windows Update for the feature 1703 rollout, and it failed. I then redid it and it installed okay, but it wouldn't detect the second monitor.

    I've now gone through 8 techs on Microsoft Support who, between myself and them, we've tried the following:

    1) Unplugging and plugging back in, of course

    2) Rebooting the computer, of course

    3) Updating all drivers I have

    4) Going back to previous versions of the drivers

    5) Project: Extend seems to just create a void of nothingness that I can't access. It still shows up as "no signal" on the television.

    6) Going under Display Settings doesn't show a second screen, no matter how many times I click "detect"

    7) Going into NVIDIA Control Panel only shows my computer monitor and no other displays. If I click on "my display is not shown..." and try to do Rigorous Display Detection, it doesn't do anything.

    8) The stupid support tech reinstalled Windows with the Media Creation Tool, and now I can't do a system restore back to the 1603 version. We tried reverting back to a previous build, nothing. They're basically telling me the only option I have left is to wipe my computer clean and reinstall with the iso that goes directly to 1603 and then disabling Windows Update.

    However, now that I've been fiddling around on my own, I've noticed another problem: the HDMI 2 port on the Vizio TV that I was using doesn't seem to want to recognize almost anything!

    I can get my laptop (not the desktop with this no detection problem) to recognize the TV as a second monitor if I'm on HDMI 1, but I can't get it to work on HDMI 2, nor can I seemingly get my bluray player or cable box to work on HDMI 2 anymore, either, and I can't get the desktop to recognize the TV on HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

    So what's working now out of my setup:

    Desktop to TV - HDMI 1 = No
    Desktop to TV - HDMI 2 (preferred) = No
    Laptop to TV - HDMI 1 = Yes
    Laptop to TV - HDMI 2 = No
    Cable Box to TV - HDMI 1 = Yes
    Cable Box to TV - HDMI 2 = Only a flicker once in a while, and it keeps showing 480i instead of 720 or 1080
    Bluray Player to TV - HDMI 1 = Yes
    Bluray Player to TV - HDMI 2 = Only a flicker with 480i like with the cable box

    Did this Windows Update seriously screw up my computer's ability to detect this TV as well as fry the HDMI port????

    If all 4 devices would work on HDMI 1, then I'd assume it was the TV, but I can't get the desktop to work on HDMI 1 either.

    I'm not even joking when I say that everything was working fine before I clicked on the Windows Update to begin with. I had the cable on HDMI 1 and the desktop on HDMI 2 like normal, no problems.

    So what can I do??

    Other specs if needed:
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 720
    Dell XPS 8700
    Intel i7-4790
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10.0.15063 Build 15063

    Not sure what else, but any help with figuring this out would be greatly appreciated to a level you have no idea.
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    So after going through a bunch of nonsense, I might have fixed the problem by a combination of God knows what, plus resetting my Vizio TV to factory standards.

    Of course, I don't know for sure until I reboot my computer, which I'm paranoid about now and won't do for a bit, but the desktop is working with HDMI 2 so we're looking good so far.

    Hopefully, if others are running into this problem, this can be helpful and prevent you from going through with a complete wipe of your computer because of some incapable tech support people.

    If it doesn't work or it goes back to being problematic, I'll post another reply. Cross your fingers!
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