Big Problem

Upgraded from GA-Z97X SOC to GA-Z97X Gaming G1 BK to enjoy more PCI lane with PLX chip.

It has been a nightmare.

Keep getting graphic card error with my 2 GTX 980 in SLI. Error 43, BSOD, ....

Tried everything. New NVDIA drivers, Older NVDIA drivers, DDU, even a clean install of Windows 10. Nothing works! Andeven after the clean install, machine is super unstable, its not usable because keeps freezing, crashing or going BSOD: always related to graphic cards

More info for you guys,

Followed the basic steps for clean install.

1-Installed on SSD array using usb windows 10 install

2-installed latest mobo drivers for windows 10 x64 (pulled from gigabyte website)

3-Installed latest drivers fron NVDIA web site

after that all its hell....

Tried to troubleshoot,

1- like mentionned above, change NVDIA drivers using DDU in safe mode: fails, (redid this with dofferent version of drivers with same results

2- Tried new clean install with disabling automatic driver update in windows prior to installing GTX 980 and using NVDIA drivers: same tesults. So retried step 2 with all version of NVDIA drivers: fails

Everything was fine before mobo upgrade.

Beside the new mobo, kept everythingelsethe same (same hardware see list at bottom of post). Same CPU, same Dual GTX 980, Same SSD, HD, ...

Only difference,my old rig was a Windows 10 upgrade. Initially was windows 7 that was upgraded through win upgrade abour a year ago.

Going insane with this. Please help!


GA-Z97x-Gaming G1 BK edition latest bios F8


2x EVGA GTX 980 Hydro Copper in SLI

LSI Megaraid 9280-16i4e with 8 Samsung Pro 850 1tb in Raid 0 (os drive)

4x 6Tb WD Drive set up as a Microsoft Storage Space for Backup

EVGA Supernova P2 1000 watt