Hi, new user here. I have a double monitor setup as an extended desktop. It's worked great for several years, no issues. As of yesterday, the 2nd monitor only shows solid white. The monitor shows it's receiving a signal by the colour on the power switch LED. If I switch display settings to monitor 1 only, monitor 2 goes to sleep as expected, but whenever I try to use monitor 2 as primary or extended or clone of monitor 1, it only shows solid white.Device manager shows the monitor (Generic PnP Monitor), so windows knows it's there. Yesterday I got it to work OK by switching to use Monitor 1 only and then back to Extended mode. But when I put the PC to sleep and came back, it reverted to only white on Monitor 2.I tried to plug Monitor 2 into my laptop as a projector, and it wouldn't work - again, only solid white.Plugged back into the desktop and it's working OK in Extended mode.

Next morning, woke up the PC and again, showing white.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

UPDATE: just tried to switch it off, then on again. This didn't do anything yesterday, but today it fixed the problem. This is getting really random.