Hi guys. First off lemme start by praising the people who run and post on this board, it's an endless mine of informations and a never ending academy for learning all the tips and tricks of anything pc-related...so keep up the good work guys!

Unfortunately I'm writing here because recently i've ran into a weird problem that started occurring just after i switched to a new gpu. Basically windows would change screen resolution whenever the monitor is turned off and the pc is left on doing tasks or just sitting idling. Upon turning on the monitor I would find the screen resolution changed to 1920x1080 instead of the usual and native 1440. I'm running W10 CU updated to the latest official build and the monitor is connected via DP, as always was even with the old GPU which never once presented this "occurrence". What could be the cause of this? Both GPU are Nvidia GTX and are always updated to the latest WHQL drivers. Some people say that it's a DP bug and the solution would be to switch to a DVI cable...but if that's the case why didn't it present the same behavior with the old card (which as i said was connected via DP cable as well) ? What I've gathered so far from the other boards and people's opinions is that whenever the connection between the monitor and the graphics card is interrupted (such as when the monitor is off), the latter is unable to correctly identify the monitor's native resolution and therefore switches to a "safe" resolution or something like that. I have to turn the monitor off and on again to have windows restore the correct and native resolution, a procedure which as you may imagine is a big of a nuisance other than unpractical. Is that the case? Could it be some kind of power-saving feature or something?
Thanks to any answer and advice thrown this way. :)