I've just installed Windows 10 and have been having quite a few problems. I've resolved most of them however can't work out why some programs will start up fine but when I try to drag them to my third monitor, they the window goes black. When I return them to the original window, they're get their colour back. Other applications have no problem.

My device manager says that I've got two graphics adaptors, an Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 and a NVIDIA Quadro K100M. When I open the "Display settings" from the windows desktop it says that I have three screens (my laptop and two external monitors) however when I open the display adaptor properties then go to the Intel(R) HD Graphics Control Panel tab, the the graphics properties, the Display section and finally the multiple displays option, I only see two screens. I've tried upgrading the driver of both cards but to no avail.

When I move some other windows around (MS Word for instance) I don't get the black window problem however the window moves rather slowly. I'm thinking that perhaps I need to get my NVIDIA card to be handling the graphics but I'm not sure how to do this. When I disabled the Intel adapter, only two monitors would work.

Any ideas?