Windows 10: Nvidia Go 6150 (now black screen using Windows 7 driver)

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    Nvidia Go 6150 (now black screen using Windows 7 driver)

    Hello Folks,

    I've set up Windows 10 (64-bit) on an elderly HP tablet PC (tx1410us). Most of the drivers worked out of the box, I just had too look for the chipset drivers (nforce) and the driver for the Nvidia Go 6150 display adapter. This was two weeks ago and my only option seemed to be to install a driver made for Windows 7. I did not have to modify the driver or force the installation though, and it was working - until a few days and a few restarts later when the OS started to boot into a black screen with the mouse an nothing else.

    What is my best option now? It doesn't seem to be easy even to boot into safe/lowres mode without a working display.

    Ideas, tips much appreciated.
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    Have you been to HP's website to see if they have any statements on updating their drivers for Windows 10?
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    Hello @swarfega and thanks for the comment.

    HP doesn't support anything newer than Vista on the tx1410us which is not a real problem as long as I can find a driver for the Nvidia Go 6150.

    There is a driver from HP that was issued for a later model (dv2000 or dv6000) with the same GPU.

    Nvidia themselves too provide some Win7 drivers for the Go 6150. The peculiarity is that it is not a GPU on its own but a chipset/GPU combo, hence you cannot use the latest (or an older) Geforce driver, instead you need an nForce driver, namely the nForce 430 / Go 6150 driver.

    I cannot remember (shame...) if it was from HP or Nvidia but one of these drivers installed and worked fine until it gave up.

    My immediate problem is to get Windows to restart in safe/lowres mode without being able to prepare for the restart using the GUI. Otherwise I'll have to reinstall the OS.
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    Sometimes you may be able to use drivers for other models that are close to yours, not ideal but perhaps better than nothing.
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    OK, I have reset the PC with a full reinstall. This time the chipset and the video card were auto-magically recognized (and I was not even connected to the Internet). So, I did not install any additional drivers.

    A few restarts later (and after installing updates), it starts with a black screen again.
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    I'm having a similar problem. HP dv9000, Go 6150, the drivers worked just fine for a number of Win10 preview versions, then suddenly kaput. I've been trying like hell to get anything other than basic display adapter to load. I tried one of the few 6150 drivers last night, got a blue screen and reboot, then black screen with cursor. The strange thing was, I could TeamViewer into the machine, move the mouse, but zero other functions from the system. One hard reboot later, I was back in Win10, but same old generic driver.

    I saw your post regarding the nForce 430 driver and gave that a shot, but blue screened again. The only plus was I didn't get the black screen baloney this time.

    With previous builds, I never got blue screened. It was always "incompatible with this version of Windows."

    If I find a solution, I'll be sure to share it.
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    One important point is that Windows 10 seems to be able to recognize the nForce 430 / Go 6150. It did not happen at the first install for me and did happen at the second one. (Misterious...)

    Another thing I've noticed is that when you get black screen it doesn't mean that you'll get black screen forever on. After a few restarts, it might just boot up OK.

    Then, a black screen is not always a black screen. The tx1410us is a relatively slow machine (well not just relatively... absolutely :) ) and sometimes you just have to wait for long enough that the OS loads after the cursor and the black screen have appeared. This is especially true after updates.

    As soon as you are able to boot up, go disable Fast Startup. This is told to be a possible cure for black screen which I can sort of confirm.

    Also, be sure to run the updates and get TH Enterprise 10240 which is rumored to be the RTM (final release) of Windows 10. Anyway it is the newest build and changes many things to newer and more stable.

    Since build 10240 and disabling Fast Startup i've had no black screen, albeit the display driver seems to be less than perfect; occasional invisible text in the start menu, search, settings, and here and there. Again, the "workaround" is closing and reloading those windows until they appear OK.
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    When I search the driver section on the nVidia website for the latest drivers for the nForce 430 / Go 6150, then it gives me version 15.49 from 2009, which is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but not with 8 and not with 10.

    nVidia has long since stopped supporting this card.

    There are three things, that should be checked:

    First you should check, how people got that card running under Windows 8. Maybe doing the same also still keeps it running under Windows 10.

    Second, there are other cards called Geforce Go 6150LE and Geforce Go 6150SE, which come from the same family and for which newer drivers are available, namely version 309.08 from February 2015. These drivers are compatible with Windows up to and including Windows 8. However, I don't know, if these work with the Go 6150 - maybe someone wants to try out!

    Finally, I found a Microsoft support forum page, where a user with that problem got the advice to unistall the driver of his card (in his case before doing the upgrade to Windows 10). Windows 10 should then use that graphics card with a generic default driver called "Basic Display Adapter", which is offered by Microsoft. It will surely only have limited capabilities, but maybe that works. Would be interesting to know, which resolution would be possible with this generic driver!
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