I won't explain how frustrated I am, it's pointless. But rest assured, I'm at THAT level.

Does anyone else have windows 10 install running with a multi-card setup like me?
Nvidia GTX series, combined with a Quadro.

I have two purposes in life, enjoying it (gaming via gtx) and working (working via quadro).
So I run a dual boot. One with quadro driver (which doesn't support GTX in terms of gaming performance), and another with GTX driver for gaming. Which makes obvious the need for a dual boot (thanks microsoft! thanks nvidia!).

I find that sometimes when I boot windows 10 it automatically overwrites my GTX driver with the quadro one, even though I SPECIFICALLY went into device manager and DISABLED the quadro card.
"Black screen of death" seems to be the new "thing"....
At least I can get work done, quadro seems to be the one wearing the pants around here. Too bad I can't game without windows 10 trying to repair my hard drive every time I boot and override my display driver like it knows whats up.
i love windows 10, I also hate it. I'm sure many share the sentiment...

Anyone have any experience on this topic? I know there isn't a resolution, but I'm open to the idea should someone have one.