Windows 10: How to project console to PC via USB Type C?

  1.    25 Apr 2017 #1

    How to project console to PC via USB Type C?

    So my computer has a USB C port and I want to input an HDMI signal through it from my Xbox. Is this possible? I know this isn't possible with my PC's HDMI port, since HDMI in and out ports differ slightly, but I'm pretty sure all USB C ports are identical, since data flows both ways?

    For reference, I want to use a cable like this. I'd connect the HDMI to my Xbox and the USB C to my computer. Seems like it would be possible, I just can't find a utility to download that can display what is being inputted. Am I missing something here?
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  2.    26 Apr 2017 #2

    Hi there

    From your X-box out HDMI why not attach an HDMI splitter and then connect the HDMI cable (v2 I think you need for X-box) to your PC monitor..

    I'm confused though -- is the X-box the SOURCE or do you need to use it as an Input/Output device. The USB idea will certainly transmit signals both ways -- I use a Capture device to record HDTV coming out of a Sky Q box -

    I have a splitter on the SKY Q box -- one HDMI signal goes to an HDMI port on my big monitor, while the other one goes into the capture device. The video out from the capture device goes into a USB port on the computer -- when I start the software I can watch the main program on the big screen (or not if I want to control the capture device with the computer) and the capture software allows input from keyboard - e.g start, stop, size, options, etc. Works brilliantly.

    Note the CHEAP Chinese unbranded splitters are the best as they pass signal straight through removing any DRM. More expensive splitters keep the DRM so all you'll see is a blank screen !!!!

    Most decent PC monitors have at least 2 or 3 HDMI ports these days.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sketch (5).png 
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ID:	132284Yes, the Xbox is the source of the video signal. I attached a diagram of what I'm hoping to do. Simply put, I want to use my computer as a screen for my Xbox--without the use of a monitor. Since USB C has high data transfer speeds, and it sends data both ways, I was hoping there would be software I could download that can display (with minimal lag) what is being inputted through the USB C port on my PC.

    when I start the software I can watch the main program on the big screen (or not if I want to control the capture device with the computer) and the capture software allows input from keyboard - e.g start, stop, size, options, etc. Works brilliantly.
    So I am curious, what software are you using? What type of capture device are you using? If I had your setup, would I be able to send my video signal through a capture device, and from there have it go into my PC so I can watch it live? I don't actually care about capturing the output, but if this is the best way to get the signal to my computer in a format that can be read by the software you mentioned, then this would be the best way?
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  4.    28 Apr 2017 #4

    You can connect to your XBOX from windows with the XBOX App. You can even play a game from the XBOX, (stream it to your PC), on your PC. You'll need a game controller connected to the PC though.
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  5.    28 Apr 2017 #5

    Yes, I've tried that but my internet connection is very very slow. Since the Xbox app uses internet to transfer data, I'm out of luck on this one... I mean it works, just not well. I'm looking into a wired solution, preferably with USB C, so I don't lose image quality or frames.
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  6.    28 Apr 2017 #6

    Ok, I just assumed it connected on the LAN side, not the WAN side. No issues here for me with the XBOX App. I don't know how you do it from HDMI to USB 3, if even possible?
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  7.    28 Apr 2017 #7

    Mine is connected to my TV via HDMI.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the cable I'd use. I'm just trying to find software capable of displaying input from a USB C connection.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Project-My-Screen-App-on-Windows-Phone.png 
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    For example, here is Microsoft's "Project My Screen App", which allows you to project a Windows Phone onto your PC's screen when plugged in via USB. There just has to be something similar that will A) work with any device, not just Windows Phone, and B) work with USB C inputs. I can't find any type of utility out there though.
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  9.    08 May 2017 #9

    you shouldnt be able to output HDMI to usb-c? so USB-C in laptops are only for "output" use only and ofc charging etc.

    HDMI-to-USB-c cables are more of an USB-C to HDMI. same goes with the displayport, you cant output HDMI to displayport cause of licensing issues.

    even the USB-C is "two-way-data" it doesnt mean you can use it as a sink on a laptop / computer. you need some different methods for that, extra input card with some software or so.
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