No way to see Win10 desktop on monitor or TV

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    No way to see Win10 desktop on monitor or TV

    Hello, this is my first post so be patient with me and thank you in advance.
    Now the problem is as follows: I set the Nvidia software to display Windows on my smart
    Panasonic TV and it did for a couple of days until, apparently, for no reason at all, it stopped
    doing it and the TV screen became black.
    The problem is that I do not see the Win desktop as, when I set the display properties,
    i did not enable the "display it on the monitor too" option. A big mistake! I'm using an Nvidia GTX 680
    an a HDMI cable. Originally I hook it to my Yamaha AV receiver, then I tried connecting it
    directly to the TV HDMI port, finally I took the cable off but no way to make the PC desktop appear
    on the TV or the monitor. I also tried booting in safe mode and I can see the win desktop on my
    monitor but there's no way to set it back to display on it as the Nvidia software, being on safe mode,
    lacks some options.
    I hope someone can help.
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    Hi Lufel. Welcome to the TenForums @Lufel

    When you boot, normal, what happens if you press the Windows key + P. (You may have to fudge sign in, click once, type password blind, press enter, wait 20 seconds)

    Since you can get to safe mode, and assuming you know which Nvidia driver you are using, I guess you could always uninstall driver and reboot. You will then have to deal with the driver Windows installs and get back to your right driver.

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    Hello, I'm sorry I didn't answer before but I'd been trying to solve the problem above. I did follow your advice and
    tried the first solution with no luck. So I got to my desktop and uninstall all video drivers and reinstalled them. It didn't
    want to install them normally as the screen started to go black after a few minutes so I did it in safe mode. Now, when it boots, it arrives to the Windows logo and circling dots and wam! The screen goes dark and in sleep mode. This does not happen in safe mode. Can you Ken or somebody else help me with this?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    If you can get to safe mode, then uninstall the drivers.

    You can use this tool to ensure it is complete.

    Head to the provider of your drivers and find an older driver. Say three months.

    Install it and test.
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    Windows 10 x64 Build 17763.402

    I have an issue with creator's update+17.4.2 and 17.4.3 ati drivers.for some reason games cant find acceleration device also hardware acceleration in settings is grayed out.Did cleaninstall etc clean old drivers .nothing changed.the issue still exist..drivers version 17.3.3 works fine.any idea why ?
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    Ok Ken, Sorry but I've been working on the problem and wanted to answer with some resulta. I've tried all options relatedly to driver issues with no luck so I though that best was best and reinstalled win10. The first time, after a little. Win wen into sleep mode and wouldn't boot back into the desktop normally but it would in safe mode, all of this without even installing the video drivers ( by the way mine is Gainward GTX 680 video card). So, at that point, I set back from the raid array I had made and put the two HD running individually in ide mode. I did a reinstall of win on one ohf the disk as it showed its space as unlocated. This time things went better and the screen was holding not going to sleep. This until I started to install the latest drivers from Nvidia and a couple minutes after the installation started it went to sleep again and is not booting to the desktop. At this point I'm thinking that it could be a hardware problem yet I don't understand why it does boot in safe mode, can you help? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks
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    It boots into safe mode because it is using onbord graphics most likely.
    Can you beg, borrow, steal another card and see if that works? At least
    that will eliminate one thing.
    If you can't do that take the card out and remove drivers and see if it works.
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    Well. I'll start by begging even tough I already know I'll will probably have to borrow or steal as I don't have many PC oriented friends. The thing is I need to know what the problem is if I'm going to try to solve it.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Windows 10 Prox64

    That's what we are trying to do. Right now we are trying to see if it is in fact a hardware problem.
    Could be your card, could be the PCI-x slot on the motherboard, could be software, trying to
    eliminate things right now.
    It could even be chipset drivers.
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    Ok, thanks a lot for the help. I'll get on with my begging as, like I said, I need to know what is going on.
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