Well been fighting with the old but new 6970hd card we put in my I7 980 build quite a while now. The usual issue of display driver stopped responding and has been reset every time machine woke up after trying to run Fire Fox or anything else the drivers didn't like 5 times or so till it decided to run.
Finally upgraded to a EVGA GTX 1070 FTW and now the drivers issues are gone plus card draws a lot less power and runs quiet and cool.
I was beginning to wonder if the combination of a older CPU and board, plus a older video card with no new drivers was part of the issue and I guess that answers my question
So for some of you having similar issues with ATI's older cards a upgrade to a newer card may do the trick, even if it isn't a spendy one.
I know a lot of people have issues with more then ATI cards but that seems to be most of them and my old Asus P6T deluxe and the new card are now happily waking up and just working with the new card rather then resetting a bunch of times after first waking up, even when I did the registry hack to lengthen the driver reset timing.
I've been wanting a better card as we both knew this was a get me by card that was one he had laying around, but new, he could just give me. Was going to get a AMD 480 8 gig but he made me a deal on this one and it seems like it's a better card provided you can afford it.
Anyways, something to think about for folks still fighting the video driver issues.