Windows Thinks My Monitor Is Generic, Won't Let Me Change Resolution Solved

  1.    15 Mar 2017 #1

    Windows Thinks My Monitor Is Generic, Won't Let Me Change Resolution

    I have an Acer S201HL that I bought in 2012. My last machine had no trouble with it, but my current machine insists that it's a generic non-plug'n'play and locks the resolution to 1024x768 and grays out the resolution options so I can't change it.

    About two weeks ago, it suddenly decided to acknowledge that my monitor was widescreen and jumped my resolution straight up to 1600x900. A couple of days later, it was down to 1024x768 but I was able to change the resolution with Display Settings.

    Woke up this morning, checked the weather, all good as far as I can recall. Came back a few minutes later and bam, 1024x768 and this time it won't let me change it. I tried a restart and that didn't help.

    My cable is VGA, but the monitor also accepts DVI-D. I've got a DVI-D cable around somewhere, but I think I tried it when I got this new computer and it didn't help.

    Any thoughts? I am gathering specs on my box and will post them as I have them.

    Monitor: Acer S201HL, version bd
    OS: Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, version 1607, build 14393.953
    Machine: Lenovo, Model 10181
    CPU: Intel Core 15-4460, 3.20GHz, with 12GB RAM
    GPU: GeForce GE720, 2GB

    Edit: My machine insists the monitor is a generic non-plug'n'play.
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    Welcome to the forum. Is it digital or analog you will need drivers for the monitior Download Windows 10 x64 drivers for Acer S201HL(Digital)
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    Edit: Thanks for the welcome!

    I downloaded and ran that executable for analog, and it tells me that I have Acer Incorporated Monitor (03/31/2010 "Ready to use." The rest of the drivers it lists as "no device present for use."

    Windows still says I have a generic non-PnP monitor and still won't let me change resolutions.

    Edit 2: I have downloaded the driver from the Acer website and attempted to install it. Windows insists that the driver for my monitor is up to date.

    I tried telling Windows to use my settings in the Color Management window. Nothing happened.

    I tried using the NVidia control app to create a custom resolution. It made a 1600x900 image scaled to the horizontal confines of the standard monitor it thinks I have.

    I have not yet found my DVI-D cable, although I have been looking.
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  4.    23 Mar 2017 #4

    Hi there - not sure if you're having still issues are not, but I have another idea you can try. According the specs you posted in your original post, it looks like your GPU is a GeForce GT 720. I would try downloading the latest driver from Nvidia to see how that works for you.

    Drivers | GeForce

    All the best,

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  5.    25 Mar 2017 #5

    I downloaded the NVidia app and it says my NVidia drivers are up to date.

    Well, I bought a DVI-D cable and discovered that my graphics card (which is an NVidia GeForce GT 720) only has ports for VGA and HDMI, so I had to get an adapter.

    Once I had my HDMI adapted DVI-D cable connected, I discovered that my computer isn't sending a signal through it and my monitor is black.

    I can't have my VGA and DVI-D cable both connected at the same time, because there isn't space.

    I thought perhaps I needed to tell my monitor to switch to DVI, but with no VGA input it doesn't respond to anything except being turned off.
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  6.    26 Mar 2017 #6

    Turns out my adapter is male HDMI to female DVI-I, and my cable is male-male DVI-D (specifically, this one). From what I have read online, that shouldn't be a problem? Because the extra contacts in the DVI-I cable carry analog data.

    I have plugged my computer into my TV using a standard HDMI cable and it works fine, it'll even let me change resolution, so it's the cable or the monitor, and I think I can test both of those with a friend's computer soon.

    Should I go ahead and spend another $10 or so on a cable that's HDMI to DVI? Probably cheaper than a new monitor.

    I just wish I knew why the VGA port stopped cooperating.
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  7.    27 Mar 2017 #7

    Okay, my DVI cable works. My monitor can handle 16x9 on a Windows 7 machine with a VGA cable.

    So it's looking like an issue with my monitor and its DVI port that it won't accept a DVI signal.
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  8.    01 Apr 2017 #8

    Okay, I got an adapter to plug my VGA card into my HDMI socket and I was able to use the NVidia Control Panel (right click on the desktop) to create a custom 1600x900 resolution and it's working.

    So there's a solution. I just wish I knew why the VGA mode worked for 10 days.
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