Need Some Graphic Card advice Solved

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    Need Some Graphic Card advice

    My pc's cards fan after 4 years just started making a whinning noise I don't know if I could take it out and grease the fan or not but I would rather just get a new card......Say $100 or less....And I'm not a gamer.

    My pc is a 2013 HP P-6 2400T / Intel 3.1 CPU / 12 gb's memory with a 300w PSU and the bus support is PCI Express 2.0 the whinning card is a Nvidia Geforce GT 620 1 gb.

    I am just looking for the best card I can install moving up from the GT620 that will fit my specs and I have come up with(say staying with Nvidia anyway)the Geforce GTX 750 (1 GB).

    I know the PSU is limiting me for the higher number cards but also can I put a card for a PCI Express 3.0 into one that is 2.0 ?....These slots are backwards compatible correct ?

    So if anybody has suggestions on the best card I can upgrade too please give me your suggestions....This is my first forray into graphics cards.....Also another brand becides Nvidia is ok with me!
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    Personally, I'd strongly suggest you upgrade your psu to a decend 600-800 watt one and then get a GTX 9** series video card. One that has at least 4GBs of VRam is gonna be needed for any newer game.
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    Thanks BRKKAB for your response but if you notice I stated that "And I'm not a gamer"......I have this pc hooked up to my 55" Vizeo 4K tv by HDMI and all I want is the best picture for watching online movies and tv shows.
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    Then you're still gonna want to follow my recommendation with one exception. For 4K you're gonna need a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. Earlier video cards don't do 4K. You need a GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX 1080 ti (releasing soon) or a RX 480 video card for anything 4K.
    You're not getting true 4K without those video cards.
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    I had the same problem some years ago, Graphic Card fans failing after a relatively short time. I eventually got one with a passive heatsink which solved the problem.
    Not sure they make a low power GT 900 or GT 1000 series yet with a passive heatsink. So you are probably looking at the right sort of thing.
    MSI make a passive heak version of the GT 730, The GTX 750 cards have fans they take a bit more power.
    A PCI-E 3.0 Card is backwards compatible with PCI-E 2.0 slot.
    I stick with Nvidia on the principle of the devil you know.

    You can oil the fan bearings usually by peeling off a label, they may only last a short time as the bearings will be worn. You may find a replacement fan if it is a common size.

    The TV will be upscaling most content to 4K anyway.
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    Thanks Helmut for your advice.....I thought about a passive card but don't have enough knowledge to know if they are the way to go or not.......Seems like you are doing fine with one I guess one just needs to make sure and have good air flow.....I'll check into passive cards a liitle more.

    Thanks for confirming the 3.0 to 2.0 thought so but wasn't for sure.....And yeah as far as working on the fan it's 4 years old it's time for a new card.

    And as far as me having a 4K tv I could care less about 4K all I care about is watching the best 1080P I can get.

    Thanks again for all the replys.....I need all the help I can get on graphic cards!
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    If you can stretch your budget to $110US, you can get a card based on the nVidia GTX 1050 chipset. Example:

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 GAMING, 02G-P4-6150-KR, 2GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC)

    A 300W PSU is the recommended minimum.

    The lower end 1050 (75W) cards don't require an auxiliary PCI-E power connector. There are higher end 1050 cards (120W) that need a 6 pin PCI-E connector. Don't get one of those.

    I don't think that you need a low profile card, but you may want to double check before buying a new card.
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    Thanks bobkn.....I definitly don't need a low profile card I have plenty of room inside the case.

    I'll check into that card.....Thanks for the recommendation!
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    munk1955 said: View Post
    Thanks bobkn.....I definitly don't need a low profile card I have plenty of room inside the case.

    I'll check into that card.....Thanks for the recommendation!
    The reference to a low profile card is more for the metal mounting bracket, the SFF/Small Form Factor and/or UltraSFF cases may need it. Some cards come with both brackets but may give up the DVI or VGA socket or have it mounting in a separate slot.
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    I see what you are saying Berton......I just bought the card that bobkn recommended so we shall see when it arrives.

    I will keep everyone updated after I get it installed.

    One question on installing is since I'm updating from a Nvidia card(GT 620) to another Nvidia card(GTX 1050) do I have to unistall the old drivers first before I install the new drivers from Nvidia's website or will I be ok since it is from the same manufacturer.......Let me know......Thanks!
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