Windows 10: GTX 1070 draws power from the DP connected to the monitor... Solved

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  1.    21 Feb 2017 #1

    GTX 1070 draws power from the DP connected to the monitor...

    At first I thought it was my monitor providing power to the PC through the graphics card when in fact its the graphics card (got a replacement monitor and its not the monitor at fault). The problem is that when I shut down my PC i cannot start it up again unless I turn it off via the main plug. The graphics card is holding the power when the PSU is even switched off, it draws the power from the monitor through the Display Port input cable and keeps the graphics card LED's lit and my corsairs water cooler leds on. I believe the graphics card is to blame for, as it draws the power from the DP's input and holds the power even when the PSU is turned off. AS soon as I remove the DP cable; the graphics card leds turn off and so does my coolers. It took me a while to figure out and this is a second thread as the first one died (hope its not a problem) any help at all will be appreciated before I send off an RMA request.
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    A quick comment: the modern computers never truly turn completely off until the power cord is pulled from the back of the computer or from the wall/surge protector socket. Even then it takes a few seconds to fully drain from the motherboard. If you still have the problem after unplugging the computer it may be time for warranty work.
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    Just unplugged the power cord from the PSU and the GPU is still lit and so is the corsairs led for the H100i. Unplug the DP cable and all lights go off. Plug back the PSU cable and the DP cable and its ready to start up again...
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    Looks like something peculiar with that monitor, what is it?
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    clam1952 said: View Post
    Looks like something peculiar with that monitor, what is it?
    Is it the monitor though? Had it replaced today, Asus VG248QE.

    Also if this is of any help, I know when my PC is going to turn when my keyboards LEDs are on. If my Keyboards LEDs are off (after a shutdown>through start) the computer wont turn on.
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  6.    21 Feb 2017 #6

    A quick check, if you unplug the monitor end of the DVI cable do the lights on the mobo etc still go out?
    Just looked at the manual no clues there, tried a DVI cable?
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  7.    21 Feb 2017 #7

    When DP is unplugged and the PC is on, nothing happens, just the screen ofc. goes off.

    Forgot to mention, HDMI cable does solve the issue, but I'd like to keep my 144hz and be able to use the cards ports.
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  8.    21 Feb 2017 #8

    If with the PC unplugged and monitor connected, you hold the power button in for 5 seconds do the lights then go out?
    According to the Manual you should be able to get 144Hz refresh with a dual link DVI cable.
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    With the pc unplugged, monitor turned on and plugged in, lights still remain on in the case only graphics card and h100i not psu colours or mobo, holding the power button for 5 seconds or any amount of time does not affect the lights and tapping the button does nothing either. SO, it is the GPU grabbing power from the monitor?

    Switched to dual link and the computer works normal. Switch back to DP and it wont start up after shutting down. So something wrong with the display port or could it be the cable?
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    Pin 20 on the display port has 3.3 volts on it and pin 19 is the power return, could be 19 and 20 are shorted in the cable or socket?
    If nothing looks wrong with the connectors I'd try a different cable.
    Just found something about your monitor and problems with it displaying, they suggest pulling the power cord out of the monitor for a minute and then replacing it and powering the monitor on again, might be worth trying that in case it also affects your issue?
    Sounds a bit bizarre to me surely these things are supposed to work properly out of the box?
    Don't think I'll be getting one of those monitors anytime soon!
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