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  1. Open Device Manager and under Monitor, check if you have the driver for the monitor installed. If not, download from here: iiyama - ProLite B2283HS-B1
  2. Use an HDMI or DVI-D cable for digital signal instead of VGA (analog signal)
I can't use an HDMI cable with my laptop I'm afraid. The VGA cable used to work though, the problem is that it doesn't anymore. Also, I have the latest drivers installed.

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Another question, when you move the mouse to the edge of the screen, I am assuming it disappears off the edge of the monitor rather than the desktop on the monitor moving to keep the cursor on the screen?
Yes, it does. It also takes the cursor a short moment before returning to my desktop when I move it as far off the screen as possible.

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and also look at pages 21 to 23 of the manual:
The manual speaks of a test file that you can download off of the Iiyama website, but the only thing that can be found there is some test software on the 'Downloads' page. I downloaded the test program and ran it, but it doesn't support the resolution I'm using (it contains a list of resolutions; the one closest to mine is 1920x1440 (instead of 1920x1080)). I went with the 1920x1440 resolution even though it's not the one I'm using just to see what'd happen, but it crashed my computer.