Windows 10: BIOS update for Sapphire RX480 NITRO+ OC (8GB)

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    BIOS update for Sapphire RX480 NITRO+ OC (8GB)

    I've just noticed there's an updated BIOS available for*my graphics cards (2xRX480) at Sapphire's site..

    - does anyone know of a (painless) way to update both of the vga BIOS'.. ??
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    I've never done a BIOS update on a GPU....ever. Let me (us) know what/how it went when you do do it.
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    You may be missing the point of a dual BIOS.

    The second BIOS is a backup in case the first one becomes corrupted. I think that it is not intended to be modified, ever.
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    - sorry, I meant both CARDS not both bios'..
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    I've got that video card and it's registered with Sapphire's SSC, etc. What link are you finding it at ? As soon as I log into SSC it only displays a page to register my card. My card's been registered since October when I received it.
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    Techpowerup has this one listed for the 8G NITRO:
    VGA Bios Collection | techPowerUp

    - from what reading I have done so far, it looks as though ATiWinFlash is the required tool..
    a. it's best done with a WHQL driver installed - as BETA's may cause problems.. (?)
    b. need to flash one card at a time - which I assume means removing one of the cards; doing the upgrade
    c. swapping out for the other card and repeating the process..

    - still a bit of a hassle..
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    Thanks I downloaded both. Now, I'll give it a try.
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       28 Jan 2017 #8

    I recently had a CMOS battery conk out on me, and to gain access to it I had to remove
    one of my GFX cards - seemed like a good opportunity to get this VGA BIOS update thing sorted out..

    - changing the CMOS battery involved a fair bit of fiddling about inside the case,
    - but, eventually I managed to get the PC booted back into Windows10 *phew* - so then:

    I left just GPU one card in, and performed the procedure above using the flash tool available at Techpowerup
    ..the procedure was successful, and went without a hitch - the updated BIOS showed up in AMD's Crimson GUI

    - took that card out and switched it for the other one and repeated to procedure, again all went smoothly,
    and AMD's Crimson showed it as having been changed, so I put both cards in together and checked to see
    what the over-all situation looked like in the Crimson interface - oddly, while the primary GFX card showed
    the updated VGA BIOS info, the secondary card still showed the older BIOS - that flummoxed me a bit, so..

    I swapped the GFX cards round to see if it really was a hardware fault, and noticed that the Crimson interface
    still showed that the primary VGA BIOS was updated, whereas the secondary one wasn't - even after the swap

    ..a re-install of AMD Settings corrected the situation, did it via the list in Control Panel/Programs and features
    - now both cards are showing the updated VGA BIOS details, and running sweetly at 1342/2000

    - hope this helps anyone out there thinking of giving it a bash.. :)
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